The How and Why of Basement Renovations


A lot of people’s basements end up becoming junk storage, or places that you only use a few times per year. The basement can be a big space in your house however, which you can take advantage of with a little bit of creativity and an investment in renovation.

A good basement renovation doesn’t just add valuable space to your house, it can also increase the property value. Because of this, it’s important to consider some factors before to starting the renovation.

First off, you need to invest your money wisely. Maybe you want to create the space of your dreams or just include a new kind space that it doesn’t currently exist in your house. But before you set out on your renovations, you need to make a plan. Renovations are unforgiving if you do them wrong.

You also need to figure out how much you want to spend in basement renovation, and if this investment is enough for renovation style that you want. If your budget isn’t going to allow the renovation you want, then you need to change your plan, find more money, or put off the renovation until later.

If you are on the fence about to renovating your basement, here are some reasons why you would want to in the first place:

To add value to your house: In terms of interior renovations, remodeling the kitchen generally offer good financial returns. But it is very important to remember that the quality of the new space should match the rest of the house, so that you can have a higher sale price.

Less expensive than an expansion: Renovating an unfinished basement is generally less expensive than building an expansion, or moving to a larger house, for that matter. Of course, all of this is directly related with the size of investment that you want to make. It also depends on the scope of your project and whether you can do the work yourself or you must hire a third party.

It solves any problem that you might have in the basement: A renovation is a great way to deal with problems in the basement, such as water getting in and repairing damage caused by moisture, for example. You can also use this remodeling to ensure that your basement is protected against future problems by choosing products that reduce noise and resist mold or mildew.

It’s also important to consider how you are going to use the basement when making a plan. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your unfinished basement:

General personal space

One reason to renovate your basement is to transform it into a personal space. You can create a space that is private and separate from the common areas of the house. The theme of the room will depend on your hobbies or the function you want in your new space.

Music Room

One of the easiest basement renovations to carry out is soundproofing your basement. By soundproofing the walls and ceiling of your basement, you are in effect creating an area completely separate from your home where you or your children can make as much noise as you want. This can be especially useful if someone plays the drums or has a band.

Exercise Room

If you have a space in your home dedicated exclusively to sports activities, then you won’t have any excuses for not to doing your exercises any more. In a basement gym, you can set the goals you want and listen to the music you want. A mirrored wall and bright lighting can help make a basement gym a place where you want to spend time. Likewise, if you prefer other types of exercise, you could turn your basement into a space for yoga.

Basement Bar

This can be one of the most envied spaces for your friends. By building a bar in the basement, you will have a good place to host gatherings, watching sports or just relax by yourself or with some friends. Once the bar is completed, you can also accessorize with things like a pool table or ping pong table, a large sofa, or a flat screen TV. A bar doesn’t have to just be for drinking alcohol either – you can fill it with soda or other drinks that children and parents can enjoy together. Then a bar in the basement could even become the preferred area for family time.

Home Theatre

It may seem expensive, but it’s actually really easy it to renovate your basement to turn it into a home theater. For sound insulation purposes, and also as a decoration, hanging large curtains on the walls can give the room better sound quality, as well as a cozy atmosphere, similar to a theater. You can use a comfortable sofa or comfortable chairs to sit separately. For the real cinema system, you can buy Smart HD TV 50 inches or more, if space permits, or just buy a home theater projector. If you decide to go with a projector at home, you can choose a large white wall as the screen, and design the rest of the room around that wall.

Add an Apartment

Some basements have their own entry and exit doors. This makes them perfect for converting it into an underground apartment or bedroom. Basements are often large enough to build a small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. This apartment can be rented for extra income, or can be used by a family member, or as a luxurious guest bedroom when you have company.

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