The Best Cowhide Rugs for All Parts of Your Home


In the past, cowhide rugs were mainly used for hunting cabins. They are now commonly used in all parts of the home. With the correct use of a cowhide rug, you can transform your home into the space of your dreams. The rugs are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain.

The first step towards using your rugs well is choosing the right one. If you are getting your cowhide rugs from the internet, you must be very careful. Get your rug from a reputable seller. Look carefully to ensure that they are shiny and healthy. Consider checking the online reviews of other customers. They will help you determine what to expect.

Find out the origin of the company’s cowhides. Countries with the highest-quality cowhide rugs include; Brazil, France, and Columbia. You may speak to a representative of the company and find out if they implement humane practices. Most companies use cowhides from cattle that are raised for meat products.

The price of your cowhide rug is usually an indicator of its quality. Faux rugs are generally cheaper than authentic ones. However, this doesn’t mean that the most expensive cowhide rugs are always the best. Your goal should be to find the highest quality for your budget.


The best thing about cowhide rugs is that they are very versatile. You can use them in any rooms in your home. Find a shade and size that matches its use and the rest of your décor. If you will be using your cowhide rugs in areas with high traffic, they should be well-made. The following are a few ways to use cowhide rugs in your home.

Hanging Them on the Wall

You may use cowhide rugs on any walls in your home. Note that this may not work well if you have small walls. A cowhide rug can close up a room making it appear smaller than it is.

In the Dining Room

There are lots of ways to use cowhide rugs in your dining room. You may use them as draping for your dining chairs, over other floor covering, or under your dining table.

In the Bedroom

A good cowhide rug can be a great addition to your bedroom. Use it as your headboard, as a bedside mat, or as a wall hanging.

In the Bathroom

Your cowhide rugs can look great in the bathroom. Even though your rug shouldn’t be exposed to moisture, it has natural oils that make it possible to cope with occasional splashes

In the Nursery

Are you looking for a soft and safe rug for your baby’s nursery, cowhide rugs are a good option? They can be an amazing floor covering. The rugs are hypoallergenic, durable, and easy to clean.

In the Kitchen

Your kitchen space does not have to be boring. You may use cowhide rugs as floor coverings or décor pieces.

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