The Numerous Benefits of Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets


Have you been hearing everyone around you rave about ready to assemble kitchen cabinets? You might think it is just another name for pre-made cabinets for the kitchen, so what’s all this hype about? Well, today, we will clear that misconception for you and tell you how amazing RTA kitchen cabinets are and how they can become a huge lifesaver when it comes to your kitchen’s storage and organization. 

Having enough storage cabinets and cupboards in a kitchen is an essential part of a good and functional kitchen. But arranging the same can also be one of the trickiest aspects when designing your dream kitchen. You want to have a stylish and functioning kitchen but also manage to achieve that look without breaking the bank. 

Kitchen cabinets comprise more than half of your kitchen walls and surface; and are a very visible and prominent feature of your kitchen. Getting good quality cabinets for your kitchen is vital as they last a long time and are vital for a functional kitchen. There are multiple things to consider while selecting the best cabinets for your kitchen like your budget, for instance. But having a restricted or very limited budget doesn’t mean that you should settle for cheap kitchen cabinets that don’t serve any function.

Building custom made cabinets can be too expensive, and buying pre-installed kitchen cabinets can prove to be a pure waste of both your time and money. So today, we are going to share with you our top five reasons why you should choose ready to assemble kitchen cabinets over any other kitchen cabinets. 

  • Affordability

Custom made kitchen cabinets can be stunning and fancy, but they also cost a ton, and not everyone has a bottomless bank account to afford such luxury furnishings in their house. A perfect alternative for that can be ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. You can get these cabinets for your kitchen at less than a quarter of the cost of custom-built kitchen cabinets. These are mass-produced from high-quality hardware and plywood material, saving you the labor cost of production. It is why RTA kitchen cabinets are more affordable even without compromising on the quality. 

  • Easy Installation

Even though your kitchen cabinets come unassembled, you can very easily put them together without much trouble. To assemble your ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, you only need a few basic tools such as a hammer, a screwdriver, a few nails, and some wood glue. You can turn this installation into a fun and interactive DIY project, if you are a family with kids. But if you still find this intimidating or you are busy and out of time, then you can always hire a professional who can build this together in a matter of hours for a very low cost, as all the cabinets are ready to assemble with instructions provided along with the package. 

  • Faster Delivery and Quick Turnaround time 

Once you decide the final textures and finishes for your kitchen cabinets and place an order, you don’t have to wait for weeks and months to receive your cabinets. After your order is placed, all the parts are cut to your specific measurement accurately with proper holes for hinges and handles drilled. Then they can be delivered in flat packs along with the necessary hardware for their installation. As these RTA kitchen cabinets come in their uninstalled form, they are quite easy to ship. Because of their unassembled state, they save you quite a bit of delivery costs. Also, all this process is generally completed within just 8-15 business days, so that means if you order well in advance, you won’t have to face any delays in decorating or re-designing projects. 

  • Variety of Options

Just because you are ordering ready to assemble kitchen cabinets online doesn’t mean that you have to settle for some boring or plain white kitchen cabinets. Unlike what most people assume, you can get multiple colors and pattern options if you choose RTA kitchen cabinets. You can select from a vast variety of colors and wood finishes to find the perfect match for your kitchen. Be it simple thermofoil to sleek looking contemporary veneers and exotic hardware; you can easily take your pick. So now, you can stop worrying about having boring or monochromatic kitchen cabinets and start planning your new kitchen décor with colorful and vibrant kitchen cabinets. 

  • High-Quality Material

Regular pre-installed kitchen cabinets are mostly made of veneered particleboard or medium-density fiberboard or other such flimsy material. But good quality ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are made out of solid wood and plywood. Also, most of the building techniques of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are similar to the techniques used by master craftsmen for building custom made cabinets. As these cabinets are shipped unassembled, there are fewer chances of freight damage to your cabinets. This means that your cabinets are more strong and likely to last a long time. So, you don’t have to constantly replace your cabinets within short periods, which would certainly be the case if you chose pre-installed or cheap kitchen cabinets.

So now you know how RTA kitchen cabinets are different from your pre-installed kitchen cabinets, and all the amazing advantages these kitchen cabinets offer. They are a lot cheaper than custom-built cabinets but can look just as fancy and stylish when paired correctly with the color and pattern of your kitchen to make it look even more elevated and more sophisticated. 

There’s no valid reason why you or anyone should settle for some low-quality pre-installed cheap kitchen cabinets when in its place, you can buy highly useful and practical cabinets for your kitchen. We recommend you go online and give these amazing ready to assemble kitchen Cabinets a try, and you sure are going to fall in love with these. 

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