Selecting Between Corded Or Cordless Orbital Sanders


Handheld sanders will let you strip the weathered exterior paint. It will help you smooth a table, remove a finish, or perform basic metal preparation.

You will find that there are people who don’t like woodworking but owns a sander. It is easy to know the reason why. Sanding is a very tough job. Without a power tool to help you, you will spend more time on it than you should. It will not take too much for this power tool to convince you. Just spend few hours smoothing the japed paint on one side of a house. Clean the furniture with the use of a sanding block and you will love this device. In this article, you will learn the difference between corded and cordless sanders that will suit your needs.


Even if we don’t talk about a hundred or thousands of cash here, the cost is still a factor. Sometimes, it can be an issue once you have bought a battery version, and then you realize that you need to buy one or two extra batteries. This real bargain will sometimes turn into a burden.

In general, cordless orbital sanders are more expensive and you have to buy extra batteries for it. Meanwhile, corded products are much cheaper. You only have to pay for one price and you are set to go. Check the internet for the best orbit sander now.


In the use of corded or cordless orbital sander, it is all about power and convenience. It is convenient to use a cordless drill when there isn’t a near power outlet. However, it may not be able to hold enough power to sustain the use of a large project. Meanwhile, there is new cordless equipment that allows larger tools to be as powerful as their plugged counterparts. For projects such as drilling a large hole with the use of a whole cutter, you can use a corded drill.

On the other hand, one inconvenience of using the corded orbital sander is the possibility of the cord being damaged. If there is a bent plug that accidentally is cut together with the wood, it can damage the tool. Some products include a removable cord that you can replace.

Furthermore, with cordless tools, you can buy several tools at once without affecting your budget. Cordless tools now come with kits that will give several tools with one or two batteries at a low price.


When we talk about how long will the orbital sanders last, there is no big difference between the corded and cordless products. However, when it comes to using the best orbit sander on a daily or hourly basis, you can’t go wrong with the corded products. With cordless orbital sanders, the batteries don’t last so long and it can last for up to an hour only. Moreover, the batteries develop battery memory wherein they don’t charge as fully as they usually do.

Thus, in the cordless products, once the battery is gone, you have to switch it to another battery. Meanwhile, for the corded products, it will work as hard as you want it all day long.

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