Summer Houses & Its Types


In simple words, summerhouses are wooden houses built as a second home for relaxation especially during the summer season. It is very famous in the European Countries where people to enjoy and cherish the summer weather. It is also said that adding a summer house may also increase the value of your property.

Types of Summerhouses:

  • Low Cost Summerhouses-

This may be considered as very famous kind of a summer wooden house. It would only provide you a single room and no such luxuries such as barbeque and all.

  • Summerhouse with a Verandah-

The next type of summerhouse which is a bit costlier than the previous one is the summerhouses that have a verandah. It is an additional feature that you may utilize my sitting out and enjoying the summer weather. A house with a verandah is considered to be more pleasing than that of a low cost summerhouse.

  • Corner Summerhouses-

Corner summerhouses may be defined as a type of summerhouse based on a particular design and it does not hamper the space or the looks of your garden. These types of houses are generally placed on one side of the garden making a great use of the garden space as well.

  • Octagonal Summerhouses-

An octagonal summerhouse is a stylish summerhouse and is usually one of the costliest types of summerhouses. This is a stunning addition to your garden and it would surely enhance the look of our esteemed property as well.

  • Garden Summerhouse-

A Garden Summerhouse may be referred to that kind of a summerhouse that also has a small garden attached to the verandah. It also has a very classy look and majority of the times, there is an option for barbeque present at the garden as well.

  • Summerhouses with Insulated Garden Buildings-

An Insulated Garden House is situated at the top end of the garden house. It may be used for a lot of activities such as a work studio or an outside office. Building an Insulated Garden Building is not cheap, but it would surely add as a positive feature to increase the value of your property.

Thus, these are the standard types of summerhouses. Whenever you plan to build one for yourself, you should choose any one of the options specifically depending on your choice, budget and of course the availability of the vacant space as well. It is rightly said that the summerhouses do add the salability of your property and as per the latest studies, it is said to increase the salability by minimum 5%.

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