Advantages and disadvantages of the Best Portable AC


The high level of mobility has been the biggest reason for the high demand for the best portable ACs. However, these ACs offer much more than portability. The simple installation, for instance, is another big advantage of having a portable AC.

There are, however, a few downsides to these ACs as well. High noise levels and tricky water management, for instance, are some of their disadvantages.

We would look here at the advantages and disadvantages of portable ACs in detail.

Advantages of Portable AC

Let us look at some of the advantages of portable ACs.

  • High mobility is the biggest USP of a portable AC. The smooth caster wheels provide it with the needed mobility. This ability to move the unit from one location to the other not only saves the cost of investment on multiple units but also allows you to keep the unit at the desired location.
  • The high mobility also attracts who themselves are quite mobile and change places quite frequently including those who have rented the home.
  • Portable ACs come in a more affordable price range compared to the Window and Split ACs.
  • Localized cooling makes it more efficient compared to the other ACs. Also, double hose ACs are more efficient than others.
  • These units are extremely simple to install. You only need to make a duct vent for the condensed air to expel out of the room. So, you do not require any tool and fixtures to install the unit.
  • The additional dehumidifier function helps in maintaining the humidity level of the surroundings thus offering an added advantage to the portable ACs.

Disadvantages of Portable AC

Having learned about the advantages let us now look at some of the flip sides of the portable AC.

  • The noise produced by the portable ACs is more than the other types of ACs. For those who could not bear noise while working or while sleeping this AC is not a good option.
  • The dehumidifier function removes water from the air. To handle the water you need to keep the unit near to a window to provide a drain hose. If the unit is equipped with a pan to collect the water you need to empty the pan frequently.
  • You have to essentially keep the unit to have easy handling of water. Secondly, you also need to place it near the power plug point. These special requirements become a limiting factor in the mobility of the unit.
  • While the Double hose ACs are more efficient, the single hose portable ACs, on the contrary, are less efficient than the other types of ACs.

Final Words

So, these were the advantages and disadvantages of a portable AC. We hope that this would be helpful to you in deciding the right type of AC for your purpose.


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