The Real Estate Industry – 2019 – At a Glance


The real estate industry across the world has grown into one of the biggest businesses dealing with and generating billions of dollars annually. In this process of growth, many new and start-up investors as well as growing and established real estate business entrepreneurs have turned their investment into multi-million profits irrespective of market fluctuations. As per a study, around 210000 real estate entrepreneurs invested in the field of residential brokerage and management in 2018 ultimately generated around $ 200 billion of profit. In addition to this, in the same year, 35000 real estate commercial brokerages generated $ 35 billion profit. Therefore, it is beyond debate that despite risks and threats of loss, the real estate industry, as well as the real estate investors, have golden opportunities of flourishing their investment or business provided they invest intelligently in association with reliable and sincere real estate brokerages such as courtier immobilierBaudinet a Montreal.

The real estate industry works on a cycle of the trends of microeconomic situations namely the contemporary interest rates, economic strength and the growth rate of population. If you look real estate industry through a historical angle, it went through a soared situation during the post-WW-2 economic atmosphere in the 1950s, then passed through a devastating situation during the 1970 inflation. The industry got another opportunity to flourish again in the early 1980s and fell once again towards the end of the decadeand then prospered towards the end of the century. In spite of the low economy in mid-2000, the residential real estate business flourished due to the low-interest rate and continued its growth until the crisis of mortgage hit the market ruining and collapsing the prices.

Despite the numerous ups and downs in the greater economy as well as the real estate business prices, the real estate industry has been continuously providing ample opportunities for the global real estate entrepreneurs to grow their business. However, not allentrepreneurs grow enormously in the real estate business. There are many instances of ruined investors who move in the wrong direction especially in terms of the three primary segments of real estate business such as real estate brokerages, real estate leasing, and real estate management.

The investors who are critically conscious about the risks of real estate investments like micro and macroeconomic factors,changing demand, increased supply, changing requirements or priorities for the construction management etc. and grab the opportunities, have greater possibilities of flourishing in the real estate industry.

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