The Right Options for Installing Night Own CCTV



Now very easily available and accessible, for very good image quality, surveillance cameras are tempting more and more users, individuals and professionals. The new models are presented as simple to use as rich in functionalitythe user places them on a wall or ceiling and it works. Or almost. So how to install night owl wired security cameras.

Because the installation of video surveillance is a factor to take into account seriously: is it so simple as advertised? Can this operation be put in all hands and carried out by the user without special training, or should it be left to professional installers? For that you can go for the lorex vs night owl now.

It all depends on the type of surveillance system and the type of cameras to be installed.

  • So how do you go about installing a wired video surveillance system and a wireless system and how do you choose between these two types of systems? 
  • When does it make sense to hire a professional and what are the prices of professional Night Owl CCCTV installers?

Installation of video surveillance in “handyman” mode: wireless and wired systems

A brave and do-it-yourselfer user can very well try to install their video surveillance system alone.

But he must then be particularly well informed about the difficulties inherent in this type of business. Difficulties that are not the same depending on whether wired cameras or wireless cameras like WiFi cameras will be installed.

Choose your system: the wired cameras vs WiFi cameras match

Wired cameras are often opposed to wireless cameras, especially with regard to the simplicity of installing surveillance cameras.

Given the improvement in the image quality of WiFi wireless cameras and their new advanced features , these cameras represent an increasingly significant market share.

Indeed, wired cameras, known to be of better quality, have the disadvantage of requiring the installation of a whole wiring circuit , whether for their power supply or for the transmission of images. The task is made easier with the new IP cameras using the Ethernet network both for their power and for the transmission of images. But it remains difficult to add new cameras if the needs change.

If WiFi wireless cameras are actually easier to install, some difficulties should be taken seriously:

  • Given the risk of interference or screen made to the signals , they cannot be installed anywhere,


  • Many models still require a power supply , so wiring work will be necessary anyway,
  • The WiFi cameras operate on a wireless IP network, which means that you still need some network installation skills to make them work, from a “software” point of view.

Tips for a good installation of video surveillance

The most important thing when a user decides to install the video surveillance himself is to define a method in advance to properly perform the operation .


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