Steps on how to install wireless security camera system at home


Due to the progress in the technologies used in their production, in recent years, wireless security cameras prices have significantly decreased. Also, wireless technology has made installation easier and cheaper. Wireless security cameras are still more expensive than their wired counterparts, but this price difference can be easily overcome by saving the cost of an expensive video cable and installing it there are many tips how to install wireless security camera system at home

Installing a wireless security camera is relatively simple. First of all, the device should be installed where you want to be careful. Then turn on the device, usually with most 12 V DC cameras. At this point, the output of the wireless receiver (one for each camera) should be connected to the display and recorder used to capture images. Most modern wireless security cameras operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. These new high-frequency cameras send a clear signal that can pass through walls, ceilings, and doors. This is the same frequency that many cordless phones and other devices, such as wireless networks, use, so you should consider this when choosing a wireless camera for your location.

In most cases, interference problems can be resolved by selecting different channels in the 2.4 GHz band for different wireless devices. Wireless cameras systems are usually simple so that you can install the equipment yourself. Although the installation process for the camera may vary slightly depending on the model, the basic procedure for installing wireless cameras is the same.

Steps on how to install wireless security camera system at home

  1. Decide where you want to install the wireless security camera. Plan where you want to place the cameras to make sure you have a wireless receiver to receive the sent information. Although you can still buy an entire wired security system, it is a lot annoying, and you need to hire an electrician to set it up correctly. Wireless cameras are worth the time to save. Also, if they are powered by a battery, an attacker cannot cut the wires. They are also equipped with a night vision device and a protective case.

Install the cameras near the entrances to record people entering or leaving the house. It is also advisable to install cameras directly above the values ​​so that you can monitor them all the time. Other ideal locations include: around the perimeter of the facility and in places where someone inside the facility could scare away potential intruders. Make sure there are no obstacles between the camera and receiver if you are installing an analog wireless system. So, battery powered wireless security camera is best option.

  1. Find the angle that is best for the cameras Make sure the camera allows you to see the maximum possible area. How do you plan to save or save this information? Of course, do it yourself. Home security is not very good if you cannot use this information later. If there is nothing to record the video, if you are returning from vacation and everything has passed, you cannot know what happened. It is normally recommended to make a backup about a week before you get rid of it.
  2. Bolt the mounting plane of the camera to the wall. This usually requires a drill, screws, screws, and mounting brackets. Most security camera cameras are equipped with the necessary equipment. Read the instructions to find detailed manufacturer instructions for installing a specific model.

Hold the camera’s mounting bracket with one hand, then mark the screw holes with the other hand with a pencil. If bolts need to be screwed in, remove the pillow detector from your local store to find the right place for installation. But if the camera does not need to be screwed into the plug, you can hold the camera mounting bracket in place with a drywall anchor bolt.

  1. Place the wireless security camera on the mounting plane. Try to fixed it when camera will safe from bad weather.
  2. Connect the security camera to an electrical outlet or insert batteries. This is also important thing to install a security camera system.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to synchronize the security camera with the receiver.


How to install wireless security camera system at home can be a daunting task. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions and plan the installation sites. Satisfying with the fact that your family is safe is worth the time and effort. Wireless security cameras can greatly enhance the security of your home or business. You may have thought about installing a CCTV camera system, but you didn’t, because you thought it would be too complicated or expensive

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