Water softeners are home inspectors


The hardness of water refers to the level of mineral found in the water. A water is termed as hard water when the mineral contents like calcium and potassium are high in the water. These minerals get dissolved in water when it comes in contact with the soil and rock. The hardness of the water goes hand-in-hand with the mineral content present in the water. The more the mineral content present in water the more is the hardness level of the water. Hard water causes various problems when used for domestic and industrial purpose. However, they are not considered as a health hazard for humans. In order to fight the hardness of the water, variety of water purification systems have been introduced. These water purifiers remove the unwanted minerals from the water thus, making them usable for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Identification of hard water

  • Hard water can be identified with the calcification of tap and shower heads.
  • If you find a formation of mineral ring on the toilet bowl or on the tip of the faucet, it indicates that the water you are using is hard water.
  • Hard water makes for a poor washing machine performance. Clothes washed with hard water tend to feel scratchy and stiff. It can even damage the fibres of the clothes thus, reducing its life span.
  • Hard water leaves scales in the pipes that can lead to reduction in the flow of the water. This also increases the cost of maintenance as the pipe needs to be replaced in such conditions.

How do softeners and filters differ?

Water treatment is used to describe any kind of modifications done to the hard water. Both softeners and filters come under the category of water treatment devices. As they are used for treatment of water they are almost seen interchangeably. The primary function of both water softener and water filter is same but, they differ in many other aspects. The aim of water filter is to provide contaminant free and clean water for both domestic and industrial use. However, the aim of water softener is to remove unwanted mineral content of calcium and magnesium from the water. Water softeners are unable to remove hazardous chemicals or bacteria from the water.

Benefits of hard water filter

  • The whole house water softener systems help to eliminate the bad smell from water by removing the bacterial contaminants from the water. These bacterial contaminants are the reason that causes the bad smell of water.
  • Removing of unwanted mineral improves the taste of the water and makes them soft. Filtered water retains the moisture of the skin.
  • These filtered water also are useful for retaining the quality of the clothes. Washing of clothes with hard water tends to make them dingy and stiff which reduces the lifespan of the clothes.
  • Chlorine is one of the source for development of colon cancer, bladder cancer and many other diseases. Hard water filter removes chlorine from the water thus making them safe for drinking.

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