What Roof Can Trusses Do for a Building Project?


Usual ceiling joints and roof rafters are less often applied in new residential construction at this point. Research shows that today, almost 80 percent of houses erected use pre-manufactured roof trusses rather than the usual rafters to support the roof.

What is Roof Truss and Why It is Popular?

The roof truss is a new discovery in building projects which allows the weight of the roof to be evenly distributed to the outer walls for improved support. Basically, it composed of many triangles, and this shape provided the house or commercial structure more support. It allows builders or contractors to make use of few materials to obtain a very similar function.

The roof truss forms the core as well as stability for a home or roof a building. The pattern itself is utilized widely in engineering application associated with bridge and other civil building construction or project together with other essential infrastructure like power pylons.

For a roof, it utilized to frame the actual shape itself. Trusses are pre-fabricated out of timber and are ultimate what support the covering up. There are many reasons why you must consider using roof trusses when building a home. Some of these are listed below.

Top Perks of Using Roof Trusses

  • Low Price Alternative

One of the reasons why roof trusses are widely utilized today is due to its low price range. Even if they provide the same level of superiority as the conventional home rafters, roof trusses are made to provide strength without using lots of woods. Because they are manufactured automatically, these lower the costs of production, allowing us to obtain considerable savings on our project.

  • Flexible Design

Trusses can be personalized or customized according to styles, shapes, as well as slopes without any issue. Today, a lot of truss styles are used to meet the demands of every building project. Like for instance, the ever-popular king post truss makes use of an inner vertical post to support the main rafters and a tie beam. However, arch-traced roof trusses utilize a collar beam to make an open interior.

  • Easy to Set-up/ Install

Roof trusses are pre-fabricated. This can be set up in an instant. Using a crane, setting up can be done in just a matter of 6 to 7 hours. That is faster compared to the conventional home rafters. The easy installation feature of roof trusses also guarantees better protection to structure interior during the building process.  Also, due to the fast installation process, you get the structure closed up fast that helps in avoiding moisture as well as weather elements from coming in.


Having a roof truss setup is cost effect and time-efficient as well. It is also fast to install.  Because it is made before being shipped to the project site, there is no additional cost to fork out for. If you want to know more about roof truss and other information about home developments and improvements, please feel free to visit North Wales Property Blog.

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