Things to Consider While Choosing Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic tiles are popular for kitchen and bathroom projects, but they can even be beneficial in living rooms. Generally, ceramic tiles are advantageous because they are –

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Handle high traffic without revealing much wear
  • Accidental chips and spills are not an issue when the installation is performed correctly
  • Design advantages are irrefutable

Creating aesthetic flooring to a living area is possible with modern printing techniques. You get a porcelain mosaic that is very much like the hardwood plants in appearance. You cannot decipher the difference!


Ceramic tile floor depends on two elements – material cost and installation labor expense. When you buy at Ceramique au Sommet the price can range from a minimum $1 per sq. ft. [plain solid-colored tiles] to less than $20 per sq. ft. [porcelain tiles resembling wood or marble tiles].

Installation labor charges differ widely depending on the task’s scope and geographic location. Larger jobs are cheaper per square feet than smaller installations. Tile flooring installation is labor-intensive but DIY fans can save significantly on installation costs.

Things to consider while choosing ceramic tile


In general, ceramic tiles are available in squares of 24”x24”, 18”x18”, 12”x12”, and 6”x6”. However, in porcelain tiles, the trend is for pieces to be shaped in rectangular planks to resemble hardwood.

Tip – For the large living area, choose large tiles proportionate to the given space. On other the hand, small tiles offer visual interest making the small room look extra spacious. 


Ceramic tiles can be printed with any kind of image or color, even intricate patterns. You can use vibrant, contrast colors or blend a variety of designs and shapes to create flooring that reveals your unique taste.

Mosaic vs. solid

Ceramic tiles assembled in a meshed back small sheet of tiles. This ancient art in its modern form brings a very rich and individual style that makes your living room look elegant.


Cut contrast tiles in size and use them as borders for highlighting outer boundaries. There are special border tiles designed for covering the space perimeter.

Accent tiles

Accent tiles can be in the form of a unique image or vibrant contrast color was chosen to adorn that specific spot. The aim is to grab attention with a creative and decorative flooring pattern.

Ceramics are designed from natural clay through a manual process called casting and firing. These are made moisture resistant via glazing.

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