Things You Need To Know When Renovating Your Kitchen Island


The kitchen island has been around for long enough now that the older styles are starting to fall out of favor. Fear not if you have one of these units, as you can use new trends and styles to revamp your island for 2020. Continue reading below for some useful things to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen island.

Incorporate Features To Your Island

Trends in kitchen islands are leading towards a more convenient style for the consumer in line with smart home appliances and even whole rooms now. You can refresh your island by fitting a small fridge under the counter for easy-access drinks and snacks – it would make a great addition to your home if you’re used to entertaining. Adding something to make the unit more cook-ready like a butcher’s block adds instant functionality to the island and the room. Deep pull out drawers and mail compartments work well to give you more storage that can be used for the full family’s needs, not just kitchen use, and free up space in other cluttered areas of the house.

Make It Fully Family-Friendly

A well-functioning kitchen island is becoming a staple of larger family homes. The features of your island can be updated to reflect that. If you have the room then consider adding a drop-level table to fit around one end so that young children can be a part of the action. Your kids will be the talk of their class with an impressive and chic island to gather around. Make the table whatever shape you like as more angular forms of kitchen island are growing in popularity. Uniqueness is a valued quality in modern design, so as long as it’s practical, go wild with the styling!

Give Your Kitchen Island Contrast

A really nice style trend going around in recent years is to move away from traditional one main color rooms to provide real contrast and edge all around the home. This can be accomplished beautifully in the kitchen with the use of an island. Replace your island countertop with something that goes against the rest of the surfaces and colors in the room for a stand-out eye-catching piece. If the rest of your kitchen is light and airy for maximum illusion of space then go with a striking black stone counter for the island. If you want to go all the way with contrast you can give the base a fresh coat of dark paint too. Fit some under-counter lights to complete the dazzling finish.

Each of these points contain useful things to know when testing the waters on kitchen island renovation. Redoing a feature piece like an island can be an ideal solution to remodeling the entire kitchen, but with far less work, money and inconvenience involved. Cater to your family’s every need and upgrade the style for a new year of trends and features to make your kitchen the place to be in your home. Modern style has never been so fluid so try anything that you want!


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