True Choices for the Best Pool Options Now


A reliable and serious swimming pool specialist will understand your need for reassurance. It will also enlighten you on technical, practical or operational aspects that you might not have thought of: taxation, regulations, savings, etc.

Compare prices and offers

The price and service offer must be formalized in writing, in the form of a personalized quote with a costed and sufficiently detailed estimate of all the work to be carried out, the delivery time, the project schedule, what is included or not included in the price. To compare more calmly and have a more precise idea of ​​prices, ask quotes from several companies. Make a visit to for the perfect results.

  • Among the information that the estimate must record, there is: the date of drafting, the company name, name of the client, address of the work, the name + details of the quantities planned and the unit prices of each service and product required , any travel costs, the total excluding tax, VAT and tax rates / types, the period of validity of the offer, the conditions for price revision, warranty, start date, estimated duration of work and delivery of the different lots, as well as the payment conditions (deposit, progress of work).

You will be able to compare the cost and offers of different companies: the details per line are as important as the overall cost. Explain the points you don’t understand and negotiate what you can negotiate. Remember that signing a quote or purchase order has contract value and that it also binds you.

Beware of too low prices

The different quotes you receive may contain significant price differences while the service or the product seem to be the same. Some pool engineers will be able to make very advantageous rates compared to their competitors. Look at it twice before rejoicing.

It is true that good deals exist and that to have new customers, some companies are ready to make efforts by lowering their margins, by selling products they no longer want to store or by making exceptional discounts. But we must not forget the most important: the quality of the products purchased and the services you request. You have to compare things with equal quality.

A swimming pool is a long-term investment. Its use and operation costs money, and an abnormally low starting price is often a sign of poor quality. Make no mistake about it. It is better to pay more to have a truly higher level of quality. Otherwise, it costs more in the end because it will be necessary to replace, repair or review what has not been done well enough.

Know how to trust and trust your intuition

Word of mouth works wonders and building a swimming pool is also a matter of meeting. Know how to trust and trust your intuition too to choose the right interlocutors.



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