What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Flat Roof In Toronto?


Toronto businesses need roofs and most people get flat roofs for the buildings those companies reside in. But why do businesses decide on flat roofs? Why are they so popular? Here are the pros and cons of going for flat roofing in Toronto:

One of the more minor issues with flat roofs is its tendency to absorb heat. This can be a problem, especially during hot and humid Toronto summers when ventilation systems get taxed, but it does depend on the kind of flat roof one has. The traditional bitumen roofs can get quite toasty as they do tend to absorb quite a bit of heat, but the more modern ones that include gravel, for instance, are actually good at reflecting heat. So, this one falls into a pro or a con, depending on what type of flat roof one gets.

Extra space can be a plus for many businesses looking to ensure that their customers are as comfortable as possible and have the greatest variety, but not all businesses benefit from this. A restaurant or pub would benefit from having a flat roof because they can add a deck to the top, creating more dining space.

For those businesses that aren’t gastronomic oriented, though, a deck could still be a plus for employees who want a nice view while they are on their lunch break. They can also come into play as a great place for a company barbeque. As a result, the extra space on top is really a pro for just about any company.

The major flaw of a flat roof is that they are more prone to take minor damage easily, and that can result in leaks that require repairs. A businesses’ insurance company is more likely to raise insurance premiums for companies with a flat roof.

Lifespan used to be a major disadvantage of having a flat roof. For years, the practice of simple bitumen roofs meant that they had to be replaced in as little as a decade. More modern techniques, however, have lengthened the lifespan of a flat roof to closer to thirty, but the longer lifetime means using better, and more expensive, materials.

The main issue with any roof is always maintenance. Some roofs require virtually none and some require regular maintenance. Flat roofs, unfortunately, fall in the latter column. They are designed to have a slight incline now which allows rainwater to drain away more easily, but it’s still something that has to be closely monitored. Repairs are also something that are going to be needed more often to keep the roof in good condition.

The greatest advantage of flat roofing really is the price. For a quick, easy roof installation done inexpensively, a flat roof is pretty hard to beat, and even the more expensive forms of flat roofing in Toronto are still cheaper than a pitched roof, which is why it is the choice roof for businesses in the Toronto area!


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