What to do Before Making a Call to an Appliance Repair Company 


Everyone dreads calling the repairman when an appliance breaks down and is in need of repair. Whether it’s in Vaughan or elsewhere appliances seem to be made to be broken, but no one likes a hefty repair bill and would like to do their best to avoid one. Sometimes a call to an appliance repairman is unavoidable, but here are a few tips to keep appliances better maintained:

For the oven – There are a few things anyone can do with their oven to keep away the appliance repairman for a longer period of time. First, always make sure that your oven is actually closing. An oven needs to have a good seal when it’s on to ensure that it’s not using too much electricity or fuel. As a result, always make sure that the oven seal is intact and undamaged. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that hood filters are clean. If they aren’t, it’s time to replace them. Drip pans are prone to gathering fluids, so they too should be properly cleaned with a good cleaner.

For the dryer – The main thing to do to keep a dryer in good working order is to do what most people should do, is easy to do, but many don’t: clean the dryer exhaust. This is the large hose on the back of the dryer. Simply taking the clamp off and removing the hose to clean it out will stretch out a dryer’s lifetime. It’s also important to make sure that those lint traps are always kept clean, as well.

For the dishwasher – Once a washer gets old enough from everyday wear and tear, the tines on the racks can become exposed and start to rust. This can cause damage to any items put in the dishwasher for cleaning. Luckily, there are tine repair kits out there that anyone can use.

Looking for leaks in the dishwasher hoses is also a good way to stop a problem before it starts.

For the fridge – A refrigerator can lose efficiency over time which can lead to the average homeowner believing that they need to call in an appliance repairman, but there are a couple of things that one can do to make sure a call to a repair company happens only in major cases. The first thing to do is to ensure that the coils behind or under the fridge are kept clean. Doing this once every six or so months helps the coils to keep the fridge cooler, faster.

For fridges that have a water filter, make sure to change the filter every three to six months to ensure that the water coming through the fridge stays fresh and safe to drink.

These are all things that people can do to keep their appliances functioning longer and more efficiently, but like anything else, appliances do occasionally break down. When this happens, it’s important to call in a professional appliance repair business rather than attempt to repair it yourself!


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