Snow Melting Systems Toronto is the new trend when it comes to melting snow. The buzz that has been created by this heating system has given rise to the debate of snow plow vs. snow melting systems. Snow plow systems have been used for ages to get rid of the accumulated snow on our driveways and patios and walkways. Snow melting systems have been a revolutionized the way one clears snow. So here is how you can decide for yourself, which one is better.

Hard to Reach Places

The layout of some of the driveways could be a bit tricky to plow, but having an electric snow removal system is not limited when it comes to its reach. Whether it is a steep driveway or a small corner, the snow melting system can reach every corner and get rid of the snow. There is no denying the fact that almost all driveways contain at least some difficult areas which can’t be dealt with the help of a snow plow. Even the backyard spaces and walkways can’t be cleared away properly with the help of the shovel, however, such an issue doesn’t arise for a snow melting system.


Depending upon the kind of driveway that you have, having an automated snow melting system can turn out to be cheaper than plow. One of the main advantages of this automated system is that it only operates when it detects moisture and freezing temperatures. You only pay for what you use in terms of energy. Whereas, in plows you are often under contracts and they will charge you the full price irrespective of how the winter turned out to be. Most of the time plows are hired under a contract and they only do the plowing a couple of times. However, when you opt for a floor heating system you may end up saving more than you can count on the fact that you may also be paying as you go.


Scheduling a plow can be another task, especially if they try to come early in the morning. If so, then they might not be able to clear the snow around your car and you may even wake up before you intended to. On the other hand, a snow melting system works depending upon the weather conditions. Another upside of it is that it won’t wake you up with terribly loud noises. You won’t even have to concern yourself with the plow’s schedule or even stress out when your car has been parked in the driveway for long periods of time.


An electric snow removal system is highly efficient. Though plowing companies aim to provide their services to n number of customers in a single day, you can’t really expect the, to perfectly clear your driveway in the short amount of time that they have. Plowing always leaves behind unwanted slush, snow and ice, which can be highly dangerous for both people and cars. Therefore, you must always hire one of the commercial snow removal companies to handle the complicated task of snow removal.

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