Why Vinyl Fences Are Best for Backyard Privacy



When you’re trying to add a boundary to your backyard, a privacy fence is a usual choice. However, you have a lot of options for building a privacy fence. While most people opt for wood or aluminum, vinyl can be an unconventional yet superior choice in many ways. You can search for “fencing company near me” and hire professionals to build a fence for you. Let’s check out why vinyl fences are best for backyard privacy. 

The Details

  1. Height – For privacy fences, you need a height of 6 to 9 feet. While the cost can balloon disproportionately for other types of materials as you increase the height, the same isn’t true for vinyl. Moreover, there are special types of vinyl fences that are made for privacy. 

Panels and posts of such vinyl fences are thicker and sturdier and are designed to have no gaps in between. That means you don’t have to worry about someone even accidentally peeking into your home. You don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or questionable strangers while you spend quality time with friends and family in the backyard.  

  1. Strength – While vinyl has a higher upfront cost compared to wood, it is also five times stronger than wood. So, your privacy fence would last for a long time when built out of vinyl. Moreover, vinyl doesn’t succumb to moisture damage or pest infestation. It doesn’t have rusting hardware either. So, with proper maintenance, you can make your vinyl fence last for a few more decades. 

Since vinyl isn’t affected by moisture, you can also use it to erect a privacy fence around your swimming pool. Innumerable splashes won’t make the vinyl absorb water to eventually rot or warp. That means you have a cheaper alternative compared to steel when you want a privacy fence around the swimming pool. 

  1. Affordable – While vinyl fences have a higher upfront cost compared to wood and aluminum, they are cheaper to maintain and thus have a lower cost of ownership in the long run. Unlike wood, vinyl fences are less susceptible to the forces of nature. You don’t need to worry about termites attacking and hollowing out your vinyl fence. You don’t need to worry about warping or rotting panels either. 


Apart from its advantages over wood, vinyl also holds an edge over aluminum fences. Aluminum fences aren’t as strong and sturdy as vinyl. That means strong winds and bumps can damage the aluminum panels more easily and increase repairs. You don’t have to worry about vinyl fences fading out either. Even if they do fade due to the intense sun, they can be easily repainted like wood. 

When you opt for a vinyl fence, you spend an absurdly low amount on maintenance throughout its life. Just hose it down once in a while and keeping it clean constitutes most of the maintenance duties. You don’t need to call an expert for repairs either since vinyl installation and repair are easy and simple. Moreover, it also lasts longer and that brings down the cost of ownership massively. 

  1. Maintenance – As mentioned above, vinyl fences require little to no maintenance. Since they are resistant to elements of nature, unlike wood, and can be stronger than aluminum, they require less frequent repairs. As long as you keep your vinyl fence clean, it should last you for a couple of decades. Moreover, throughout that period of ownership, if you do minor repairs on your own, you’ll be able to limit the spending to three digits. That’s not all. Certain vinyl fences don’t even require metal hardware and entirely remove rusting from the equation.
  2. Flexibility – A tall privacy fence is a big investment. That’s why you want it to last as long as possible without breaking down. While aluminum fences are flexible, they do not hold up to strong storms and things flying at them. When aluminum panels get bent or damaged, they can’t be beaten into shape either. You need to change the entire panel.

On the other hand, wood is strong, but not very flexible. That’s why it offers more resistance to wind, and other forces and the panels snap off when that force exceeds the tolerance limit. Vinyl fences sit somewhere in the middle with the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. While they are stronger than wood, they don’t lack flexibility and can easily stand up and make way for nature’s fury when necessary. So, your privacy fence remains safe and undamaged in most conditions. 

  1. Easy installation – When you’re building a privacy fence, it comes with a lot of complications and requires advanced workmanship. That’s why sometimes, you’ll end up paying more for labor than materials while building a privacy fence. However, it doesn’t need to be this way while building a privacy fence out of vinyl. 

Vinyl fences are so easy to install that you can DIY your way through them without compromising on quality. Just secure the posts to the ground and most of the other pieces can be slid and locked in place. This allows you to lower the cost of installation and makes repairs cheap and easy as well. 

  1. Design and Warranty – Your privacy fence doesn’t need to be boring when you build one out of vinyl. Vinyl fences in all sorts of colors, textures, and shapes and can be custom-made to your preference. So, it’s easier for you to blend it with the overall theme and design of your home. Moreover, vinyl fences come with a decade-long or lifetime warranty. This alone makes it much more worthwhile compared to wood for building a fence.            


Vinyl fences offer a lot of features that wood, and aluminum can’t. It can look great and requires little to no maintenance without compromising on strength. They are also available in all kinds of heigh, shape, and color combinations and allow you to build a privacy fence that doesn’t look boring. You can hire pros to build you a fence by searching for “fencing company near me”.


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