Process of Making A Cheap-looking Floor Lamp Expensive


Floor lamps are great accessories to add an aesthetic look to your home. It can be used as a decor item in any house, from indoors to the outdoors. These accessories enhance your home decor. High-quality floor lamps are damn expensive. However, you can use do-it-yourself tips and tricks to enhance the look of your floor lamps. It is best to buy a cheaper floor lamp and beautify it using decorative items to suit your aesthetic preferences. It will turn your cheap floor lamp into an expensive one. However, Union floor lamps have a great collection if you are looking for floor lamps.

Process of making a cheap-looking floor lamp expensive:-

A rustic floor lamp: You can add a rustic feel to your floor lamp to make it look vintage. Find an old lantern and properly add a fresh coat of spray paint. Use leftover pieces of wood and give it a shape as per your preference to make a vintage-looking base that is strong and sturdy.

Branch floor lamp: This is another rustic and sustainable way to style your floor lamp. It is also a great way to use recycled branches and gives a tinge of vintage look that makes your floor lamp look expensive. 

Copper-top: It is a great way to make a cheap floor lamp look expensive. You must create a lampshade using cardboard and cover it with a metallic or copper top. You can find a strong metal stand from a thrift store and spray paint it using colors that add to the aesthetics. Place the lampshade on this metal stand, and you have a gorgeous-looking floor lamp embracing your room decor. 

Use old book covers: Old book covers, especially hardcovers, give a vintage feel. You can use a few hardcovers, drill through them, and fit them with a gorgeous lampshade. This unusual idea will surely make it a statement piece everyone will ask you about.

Use tripods: Tripod floor lamps are so much in trend, and it is too easy to make. All you will need to create this look is a vintage tripod, nickel harps, a lock washer, and a good-colored bulb. You can paint the tripod stand to suit your decor needs. 


You can use the above techniques to light up your house by creating creative light fixtures like floor lamps. Use recycled products, waste products, scrap items, and leftover materials around the house and make the best use of them to create statement decor items. 

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