10 tips to keep in mind when you want to renovate your kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of a home. In a kitchen stories are cooked, bitter moments are sweetened; futures are cooked … In a kitchen family are made. For this reason, it must be a clean, warm, welcoming space with enough space to fit everyone.

At Heilman Renovations, as a specialist in kitchen renovations, we want to give you 10 tips to keep in mind when renovating your kitchen so that it remains the heart of your home.

Tips to keep in mind to renovate your kitchen.

Compare quotes.

Before starting any renovation or reform it is important that you compare budgets, do not stay with the first one they give you, but ask for second opinions. In this way, you will see what you can get with the budget you have.

The tiling and installations

The tiling and installations are the most difficult part to change. If you do not do it at the time of the reform, doing it later could be a problem. Therefore, we recommend that when you find yourself immersed in a comprehensive renovation of your kitchen, you do it. In this way you will avoid having to invest more money in the future, and you ensure that the pipes and electrical wiring are in good condition before placing the tiles and furniture and having to remove them again in the future.

Type of reform

What kind of kitchen do you want? Before starting the renovation, you need to clarify the style and design of the kitchen. That is, if you want a kitchenette, a closed kitchen which has an island in the middle, etc.

Be aware of the light.

Light is a key element. A space, with one type of light or another, changes radically. In case your kitchen has little natural light, in the reform it is time to; add windows or add more lights to give it lighter. For example, for warmer environments, 2700 or 3000K light is usually used. On the other hand, for more practical and functional kitchens, it is more advisable to opt for daylight, that is, 4000K. Important fact, opting for led or low consumption lights will help you reduce your electricity consumption.


One of the goals in a kitchen renovation is to gain storage space, that is, to add more cabinets and drawers. But beware! Do not go overboard with the kitchen storage items, think that the more storage, think that the more storage, the more unnecessary objects you will keep. This can ultimately be messy and stressful.


When choosing furniture, it is not only important the color or the trim that they have, but that they are of good quality and durable, but you risk that in a short time they deteriorate or break.


Kitchen floors must be resistant, easy to clean and scratch-resistant to guarantee their durability. Currently there are an infinity of types of flooring, not only limited to ceramic. There is special laminated parquet for kitchens, vinyl flooring, stoneware, etc.

Home appliances

In case you also want or need to change your appliances, make sure they are efficient, in this way, you will save a lot on bills. Some of our most recommended brands are Neff, high-end appliances, it has products with advanced technologies and a sober and elegant design.


What color is better? This depends on the style of each one of us. However, from Living we recommend light and warm colors to make the space clean, cozy, and modern. However, we have also created incredible kitchens with dark colors but in spacious and bright spaces.

Washing machine?

Having the washing machine in the kitchen is not the best idea in the world. Try to find a laundry space and remove dirty clothes from the space where you cook. Bathrooms can also be a good option, especially the closer to the cabinets the better.