Lighting: how to choose an aim pendant light?


Lighting plays a major role in interior decoration. In terms of light intensity, know that not all pendant lights diffuse light in the same way. A woven rattan pendant, which filters light, will provide softer lighting than an industrial pendant in perforated metal, with brighter lighting.

To choose a suspension, you must take into account:

  • The light intensity you are looking for,
  • The volume of your room,
  • From the decorative atmosphere you want to create.

Also, the size of your aim pendant light will vary depending on the square footage of your room. A large urban loft with high ceilings will appreciate an XXL pendant light when a small pendant light fits more easily into the kitchenette of an urban apartment.

Finally, take into account the decorative mood you want to create. Choose your pendant light by considering the existing decoration. A modern living room painted in pastel tones and decorated with pieces of light wood furniture will appreciate a flos aim light. A room with a Japanese decor will prefer a bamboo aim pendant light.

How to install an aim pendant light?

Before installing a suspension, it is essential to cut off the power. To do this, you can remove the fuse that powers the room or cut the main power. In practice, it is preferable to simply cut it off while it is being installed. In all cases, make sure that the current is cut off by activating the switch which is connected to your ceiling light. If the light remains off, you can start the procedure. Then follow the next steps.

Start by removing the bulb and the old light fixture. Then make sure that the area where you want to attach your new hanger is fitted with a hook. Undo, pierce your ceiling and place a hook with a length of 3 to 5 cm.

Three wires should normally come out of your ceiling: a neutral wire, which is blue, the phase, which is red or brown, and the ground wire, which is green and yellow. These three wires must be connected to a domino or an XTP connector.

Then install a DCL box, following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Insert the DCL socket plug in the space provided and fix the aim pendant light to the hook. Turn on the power and test your connection.

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