7 Ways in which Booth Seating offers Impeccable Comfort to your Customers


Many customers in the restaurant prefer booth seating over chairs around the table. People definitely go to restaurants to have food but there are several other factors that a person keeps in mind while going or choosing a restaurant. Booth seating is considered to be more comfortable and it gives a certain level of privacy, comfort, and security that a customer prefers and enjoys. People also prefer booth seating when the gathering is for a larger number of people.

Booths are also preferred because they are more comfortable due to the soft cushions, sofas, enclosed environment and larger seating space. Overall, privacy combined with extra comfortable seats, intimacy, and warmth in the booth allows diners to be more cozy and relaxing.

Reasons why Booth Seats are more Comfortable

  •     Flexible seating capacity: Mostly a booth can typically allow four people to sit comfortably but more people can be accommodated by adding chairs.
  •     Privacy of the booth: Many people prefer privacy while dining at a restaurant. A restaurant booth is considered to be a more private option compared to a typical commercial dining arrangement. The high backs of the chair prevent other diners to see you to a certain extent, which can make customers feel at home.
  •     Comfortable seating: The seat of the booth is designed keeping in mind specific finish, fabric and padded seats. It is not that the chairs can’t be comfortable but the coziness people get from the sofas in the booth cannot be provided by the chair. 
  •     Relaxed: A cozier dining experience is offered by the booth because it eliminates the exposure feeling of eating out in the open. It makes you less conscious of the other people sitting in the restaurant. It is a secluded spot where friends and family can laugh, talk without any hesitation. It provides more room for an intimate environment for socializing.
  •     Less noise: Noise is less in booth seating because the exposure to the surrounding is comparatively less in the booths as it is designed in such a way that other people can hardly invade your privacy and almost everyone present there loves the calm environment.
  •     Feel more secure: It might sound weird sometimes but many people love booth seating because they find it more secure. Security to them can mean sitting in a carefree way keeping their belonging beside them on the sofa or table without any worry of them being stolen or lost.
  •     Room for work: One of the main reasons why booth seating is preferred because they provide room for social get together as well as work-related matters.

Commercial booth seating enhances the dining experience of a patron. People prefer booths to traditional dining tables because they are quieter, mostly out of traffic patterns. When the booths in the restaurants are full, people wait to get the seats in them even when the chairs and tables are available for dining. Booths are so comfortable that people end up spending more time and order more food. Booth gives a much more intimate feeling which allows customers to carry on the conversation along with the food. The arrangement of the booth also helps parents to assist their small children in eating and managing their food. It is not only convenient for small kids but also for elderly people who go out with their family for a fine dining experience.



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