Are Wicker Trunks Useful?


Many individuals have fantastic ideas but don’t act on them because they are uncertain of themselves or just need someone’s approval to move on. Wicker trunks may help you improve your house’s design while also offering that much-needed piece of furniture to keep your home clean and tidy.

Construction of a trunk

Wicker trunks are generally made by hand with a wooden frame and wicker cane that is braided and attached to the frame. The trunk’s sidewalls and lid may or may not have wood panels on some or all sides, depending on the manufacturer. Craftsmen weave the cane into various designs, creating each item a one-of-a-kind work of art. Wicker Trunks with woven panels are ideal for keeping clothing or other items that require air circulation. Wood-lined trunks are more durable than unlined trunks, and they may be used to store heavier, harder-to-store items that don’t need to breathe.

Clothes, toys, books, and other items can be stored in wood lined trunks. If you want your trunk to breathe, opt for one that isn’t wood lined. This will enable the most air movement. If the trunk will be used by youngsters or will be used to keep hard objects that are thrown into it at random, we recommend choosing a wood lined trunk. Cane is sturdy yet fragile, and if not handled carefully when placing items into an unlined trunk, it can be shattered or split.


Wicker trunks come in a variety of designs and sizes. Single over-under weaving is commonly used to weave the wall panels. To match the trunk contour, the margins and borders of trunk walls and lids generally have a rolling twist pattern. A roll is made up of many side-by-side layers of twisted cane stitched together in this manner. To provide desirable qualities, round or rectangular feet can be carved into the trunk shape.

A two-way aperture is seen on the more contemporary designs of wicker trunks. The lid opens like a traditional storage trunk, and two doors along the side panel provide access to the trunk’s inside. Trunks with two-way access are ideal for use as a coffee table because even if you use a glass top or place items on the top of the trunk, the side doors provide access to the inside.

Using a Wicker Trunk to Decorate

A wicker trunk is a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that may be used as a storage unit, a table, or as a decorative item. Because a truck may serve several purposes, it’s important to consider how this piece of furniture will be utilized in the home.

Wicker trunks may be used to decorate your living room or TV room. As a centre piece and coffee table, place it in front of a sofa. When utilizing as a coffee table, add a glass top to guarantee that drinks and dishes do not scratch the wicker. The glass allows you to view the wicker design through it.

Place a wicker trunk at the foot of the bed and use it as a blanket and sheet storage bin in the bedroom. If the bed does not have a foot board, placing the trunk at the end of the bed will match the room’s design. It may be used to keep toys in a child’s room. A wicker trunk in a child’s room can lighten the ambience of most solid woods used in children’s rooms and teach your kids to appreciate beautiful furniture. Trunks are wonderful ornamental items for a foyer and may be used to store boots, shoes, gloves, and scarves, keeping things accessible, hidden, and out of the way.

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