Choosing The Right Fumigation Services Agency – The Don’s And Don’ts


While, pests, roaches, and insects are a nuisance and potential health hazards in your homes, however, choosing the right fumigation services agency shouldn’t be a nuisance. Since there are various types and categories of pests and insects; each requires a separate pesticide to get eliminated. And with so many fumigation services agencies it certainly can be a challenge to choose an agency with the right skills and expertise.

Moreover, since the technician doing the fumigation will be present inside the home (oftentimes all by themselves) you need to be sure of the credibility and reliability of the agency. That’s especially true for fumigation services in Karachi or other megacities, with various agencies operating without any proper licensing or certification.

Below we have come up with a detailed guide including Dos and Don’ts of choosing a professional fumigation services agency that delivers the right punch for your home or office.


Choose Licensed pest control companies

Remember, it’s not just about the safety of your homes from the technicians working alone inside the home, this is also about the health and well-being of your family. Fumigation services include dangerous pesticides, which may be hazardous for your family’s health. Thereby, it’s of utmost importance to choose a company that is properly licensed and certified to operate in your city/state.

Apart from the agency licensing, you should also check out the certification of their technicians carrying out the task. That’s important because the wrong approach to fumigation may lead to the poisoning of edible items, even when they are covered.

Choose a company that will walk you through the procedure

When you are choosing a company ask them about their past experiences, as well as, their procedure to control the infestation. Make sure that the company can walk you through the entire procedure of pest control without masking any information. This information may include the type of pesticides or bait they would use, the certification of the technicians, their method to conduct fumigation, as well as the precautions you need to take before fumigation services. A reliable and professional fumigation services company will be able to give you a detailed plan covering all aspects of pest control in writing, which you can compare with plans from other companies and choose the best-suited agency.

Read the fine print

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that fumigation services are of different kinds like general pest control, roaches’ control, termite control, and others. So, when you are finalizing a pest control company check out the different services offered by them. There is also a general pest control service that maybe suited for homes/offices with no present infestation or record.

Trust your intuitions

If you feel uncomfortable dealing with a company’s representative (in any way possible), you probably shouldn’t let them work in your home. Just like with any professional service, the person carrying out a task inside your home must make you feel confident and comfortable. This is even more important for the fumigation service provider as they will be working in your home all alone, hence your comfort zone is a must.

Choose a company that offers supplementary services

While this isn’t the most pressing requirement, nonetheless, it can be a great option for people looking for multiple services like Sofa cleaning services, floor cleaning, and others. Check out if the company is offering any related supplementary services which can be carried out simultaneously with fumigation services (since you already have to vacant the house in any case for fumigation services).

Compare the licenses

Yes, not all licenses are the same or equal. Each license carries permission for specific services, and it’s important to see the type of license the company has. If you are unsure, you can always ask the company for their licensing services and verify it individually at your end. Here are some questions you may need to consider when comparing licenses:

  • Is this license is obtained only against the payment of a fee?
  • Is this license is issued to the company after specific hours of practice/experience?
  • Do the company need to regularly update the license by proving their services or is it a one-time licensing requirement only?


Take their words

There is no reason for you to believe anything claimed by the company (unless you verify that from your side). This means that you don’t need to trust them for their licensing and certification without actually looking at the license and certification. Don’t shy away from asking the license number from the company and verifying it privately from your end. Remember, fumigation services if not done properly may lead to health hazards, thereby, make sure the company you choose is licensed and allowed to conduct the services in your city/state.

Hire a company that Claim to use a secret agent

As mentioned before, the type and standard of agents used for fumigation services are highly-important not just for the service standard but also for the health and safety of your family. Thereby, any fumigation services company claiming to use a secret formula must be discredited and avoided.

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