Do I Need Double Glazing In My Sash Windows?


The traditional sash window uses a single pane of glass. In fact, for many period properties it is only viewed as an authentic property with period integrity if the sash windows are single-paned glass. In the modern world, the advent of double glazing should be enough to persuade you that it is worth upgrading to timber double glazed windows, as this gives you the best of all worlds. Here, we look at the benefits of installing new sash windows with double glazing. It will make such a massive difference to the way a property feels and how efficient it is.

For homeowners and property developers there comes a time when you are choosing the right format for the sash windows to be installed, repaired or replaced. Looking at the traditional use of single glazed sash windows it would have made sense in those period properties at the time. There was no real desire in those eras to improve the energy efficiency of a building and there was no concept of improving the acoustic or thermal properties of a building. Primarily though, single glazed windows was the only choice available, with windows set back from the face of the building for weather-proofing and internal shutters added to restrict draughts. It is only in relatively recent times where these things have become available within construction and double glazing can make a massive difference to how a property acts and feels.

Now that there is the option to add double glazing to existing windows or to install double glazed sash windows to begin with, it can drastically improve the performance of a property. One thing, many listed period properties have single paned sash windows installed and suffer terribly with poor insulation, leading to colder temperatures as heat is lost through the windows. They are also louder as it is difficult to drown out any exterior noise. With double glazed sash windows you have the perfect balance, the best of both worlds where you have that elegant aesthetic that looks fantastic, whether it is within a period property or modern architecture. Additionally, the energy bills will be lower for that property as double glazed windows trap in the heat and make it much easier to heat the building, and there is no loss of sound from inside or the creeping of sound from outside disturbing the building.

Whether you are restoring sash windows or buying brand-new sash windows, it is important to make the right choice of supplier. Finding a supplier of sash windows to help you with a project on either a period property or a new property, will ensure that you make the right choices in terms of materials used and whether or not you should request double glazed windows as part of your sash window set-up. Double glazing can make a massive difference to the energy efficiency of the home, block out sound from outside and add another layer of security to the property. A good supplier of new and repaired sash windows will help you make the right decision with regards the property in question.

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