How to Make Use of Your Loft Space


What are the benefits of converting your loft?

Loft conversions are far less expensive than a full addition or relocating your property. Increase the value of your home byconverting your loft into usable space might increase the value of your home by up to 20% depending on your location.Your renovated loft space can be utilised as a bedroom, bathroom, walk in wardrobe or even a movie theatre, amongst other things.

Converting a loft also can save on moving costs and all the stress that comes with it, as another room can be created and made into a bedroom. All in all, loft conversion could be the answer toa lot of problems.

Amazing Spaces: Additional Living Space

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing room options for your loft conversion:

Additional living space, make the mature living room of your dreams and utilise it as a getaway. This is a terrific location to unwind and rest after a long day, away from the noise and mess of the rest of the house. Focus on a calming décor to allow you to easily unwind with a glass or wine and/or a good book.

Amazing Spaces: Children’s Playroom / Teenage Bedroom

Do you have a modest loft space? No problem, transform it into a warm and inviting children’s room. Use a built-in cabin bed to maximise your available space or create the bathroom of your dreams. Allow your imagination to go wild while designing your ideal bathroom, which could include a walk-in shower and his and hers sinks.

Teenagers need their own space, so why not give them some independence by creating one for them? Allow them to design their own place, and your workload will be cut in half!Tired of having toys all over the place? Then turn your loft into a huge playroom for the kids to getaway and play away from the main areas of the home.  Make a place for them to run wild with their imaginations. Just like you would see in a nursery, divide the area into sections and include a spot for arts and crafts, dress-up, and a reading corner.

Amazing Spaces: Visitors & Guest Rooms

Give your visitors some space and serenity by providing a calm guest room in which they may unwind. You have the option to recover the room if you fall in love with it. It’s possible that having your bedroom on a separate floor could give you more space to unwind and relax from the rest of the house.

Amazing Spaces: Home Office

Do you work from home, or have you always wanted to start your own business? Then converting your loft space into an office would work perfectly! Giving yourself a whole different floor to work on means that mentally you can separate work and play much easier. Many find it hard to switch off after a long day when their works computer is still staring them in the face in the corner of the living room.

Accessing Your Space: Stairs & Loft Ladders

Depending on how often you use the room you’ll also have to think about accessing your new space. If you’ve created a space for regular use or if you want it to be classed as an official bedroom a fixed staircase will be required. If you are creating a space such as a guest bedroom or even just converting the loft for additional storage solutions a loft ladder will allow you to access this space safely when needed.

Make The Most of Your Resources:

Make the most of what you’ve got, are the beams making the room feel claustrophobic? To make the room feel light and airy, paint it white. Have an exposed brick wall? Why not transform it into a focal point by making it a feature wall?

Even if your loft has adequate space to be divided into various rooms, leave the space open plan. Instead of dividing it into different rooms to maintain the light and create a bright open area, consider an open concept instead, especially if you are unable to add windows to the room.Do you have some unusable low-level space? No worries, built-in storage is an excellent solution it’s the ideal way to make the most of the space you have.

Planning Permission: Is It Required?

You’ve not got some ideas in mind for your new loft space and now we get to looking at planning permission. The good news is that planning permission for loft conversions is usually not required as it falls under permitted development. With this said, you should look at these regulations and ensure your plan falls under these requirements. If you live in a semi-dethatched or terraced house the party wall act is also something worth a read.


Hopefully, this blog post has sparked your imagination about all the possibilities for your loft. Whatever you choose, from the simple to the opulent, from the obvious to the weird, we hope you enjoy it and transform it into a location you adore.

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