How to Add a Luxurious Touch to Your Kitchen


Out of all the rooms within the home, the kitchen is a space you can justify spending a little more on for that added luxurious touch. From the kitchen island to the decorative touches, there are lots of different areas within the kitchen that you can enhance and tweak slightly for a chic, stylish aesthetic. Today, more people spend time in the kitchen socialising and entertaining than any other room in the house, which makes it the ideal spot to transform and perfect. 

Introduce a Bold Backsplash

There are so many beautiful backsplash designs available that are designed to both prevent your walls from becoming dirty, but also to bring a bold touch to your kitchen. The cooker isn’t often a focal point within the kitchen, but with the right backsplash you can create a look that will catch the eye the moment you enter the room. You do often find that many interiors use a striking tile to dress the whole back wall, creating the perfect backsplash whilst continuing the bold aesthetic across a larger part of the kitchen. Make sure you choose a material that is easy to keep clean and looking shiny and fresh, as you want your backsplash to look its best and bring that added drama to your kitchen. 

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Brighten Up with Marble

Marble is a material that is well known for brightening up any space and bringing a fresh, welcoming feel to a room. Ideal for use in the kitchen, marble can be added to the worktops, as a backsplash and even used for the flooring, to really create a luxurious feel. When opting for marble within your interiors, consider a soft, cool marble tone to help reflect any natural light and create a fresh feel within your interiors. Marble is a material that can be easily complemented with other additions such as brass faucets, cool grey painted cabinets and even soft leather furnishings to bring a comfortable touch to the room. 

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Choose Luxurious Lighting

The lighting within a room is the main contributing factor to how the room will look and feel. In order to create a fresh, welcoming kitchen with a luxurious feel you need to invest in some stylish lighting that will help enhance the existing décor and bring the kitchen to life. Whether you opt for a bold light fixture made from brass or gold, or you introduce a subtle design with a soft glow, you can transform your kitchen and create the perfect finishing touch. It’s important to add lighting in the key areas within the kitchen, such as above any dining areas, the kitchen island and so on. 

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Experiment with Fancy Faucets

When working with your existing kitchen décor a great way to inject added luxury to the interior is through a fancy new faucet. Faucets are designed with practicality as a main function, however, with so many stunning designs available the faucet industry has certainly upped its game with hundreds of exciting styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional set of taps, or you’re more interested in the modern tap and separate sprayer to bring a unique touch to your kitchen, you can find the perfect faucet for your kitchen décor and transform the space within an instant. Faucets are also ideal for changing the whole dynamic of your kitchen island, giving added drama to the feature without taking away from the existing décor. 


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