How to Save on Kitchen Renovations in Oakville 


Kitchen renovation isn’t generally an inexpensive task. It cost a lot of money to remodel or renovate your kitchen in Oakville. But following are the ways in which you can save money on kitchen renovation. 

  • Repaint your cabinets:

The first thing you want to renovate in your kitchen are those outdated cabinets. Instead of buying new cabinets which can be a lot heavy on your wallet, you can simply give them a facelift. It will make them look like new and save you money you were going to spend on new cabinets. You find out more here.

  • Upgrade your kitchen sink:

It’s usual and even a pleasant change to replace kitchen items that you use regularly. Such as your kitchen sink and faucet. They are an easy swap if they are the same size as your old sink. But if you choose a different size then you will have to cut a piece from the countertop which will obviously cost money.

  • Mix countertop materials:

While saving money on renovation that doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple all the way. Mixing countertop materials is also a great idea. You can use materials in sections. A few section of granite or marble and then use laminate or other less expensive material for the rest of the area. The other way to go around this is to use expensive material on part of an island countertop and less expensive material on a work surface.

  • Types of cabinets:

When it comes to cabinets, we all know that custom build cabinets are very expensive. But another option that we can opt for is “ready to assemble” cabinets or semi-custom cabinets. Which can be half the cost of full custom build cabinets. Also when it comes to custom cabinets you also have to pay for their installments. Read more here at BRIKS.

  • Open shelving:

Open shelving is a great way to save money on kitchen renovation in Oakville. Open shelving also trending these days. It gives a modern and open look to your kitchen and help you save a lot of money because believe it or not doors are expensive. If you can’t seem to make a decision then you can always go half open shelving and half cabinets. 

  • Don’t move kitchen appliances:

If you are planning to save money on kitchen renovation then it is strongly advised that you don’t move your kitchen appliances, because it may also require you to cut into the ceiling, floor, and walls to expose plumbing and electrical components. In short it will only increase your budget cost. So always go with the same setting as it was before.

  • Track lighting:

One of the other great way to save money on kitchen renovation in Oakville is too use track lighting instead of recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is expensive as it means cutting hole in the ceiling, electrical wiring, and various other cost for repairing the ceiling. Recessed lighting can cost you around 150 dollars per light. Whereas track lighting is cost effective and gives your kitchen more light as well as ambient light when placed on a dimmer.

  • Thrift shopping:

Another efficient way to save money on kitchen renovation in Oakville is to go thrift shopping. Recycling material is one way to cut kitchen renovation cost. Search for “Humanity ReStore” in your local area. If they have one then stop by, to see if they have anything you can use for your kitchen renovation. You can also ask local contractors or builders if they are donating or selling their over stock at a discounted price. 

  • Adding backsplash:

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen is not an expensive job. It’s affordable and also it makes your kitchen look more modern and aesthetic. Due to its relative small-scale, with an average backsplash between 10 and 40 square feet will cost you below 200 dollars for materials. 

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