Install Bifold Doors and Incorporate More Life and Colour to Your Residence


Bifold doors are a popular choice in many homes owing to its aesthetics, versatility, ease of maintenance, increased security and energy conservation. Installing them is a sure-shot way to get your home stand-out. It radiates a sense of luxury, cosiness and warmth. They are a popular choice for both residences and commercial buildings.

If you are looking for ways to bring in plenty of natural light into your residence, bifold doors are your best bet. They are versatile and are an ideal fit for both modern and period homes. They are highly customisable and can be designed in a way to match any home style. They create an impression of more space even in smaller homes.

Best bifold door manufacturers and installers in the UK:

Due to the wide range of styles, materials and sizes available it can be quite tricky to figure out, which bifold door is the best fit for your home. Ask the experts of The Bifolding Door Factory. They are the leading manufactures and installers of bifold doors in the UK offering top-notch quality services at affordable prices. Follow this link and request an online quote.

Need help selecting the colour?

Do you know that colours exert a huge influence on the interiors? Colours are associated with emotions and vibe of the space. Due to the variations in the materials bifold doors are available in over 200 colours. No more are doors restricted to neutral tones. If you are opting for UPVC bifold doors, you have a choice between off-white, white and faux-wood tone.

However, if you want more colour choices at your disposal, you can opt for wood/ aluminium bifold doors. Both can be easily repainted in a myriad of colours available. Customise bifold doors to any colour and give your home a classy makeover. The popular colour options include:

  • White: White bifold doors complement white vinyl windows adorned with white frames. White colour in homes makes the space look simple, spacious and add a sense of lightness. There are few variations of white available including cream, patio white, grey white, oyster white and white aluminium.
  • Black and Grey: Grey works great in contemporary spaces like outdoor kitchen/ dining areas and can easily be matched with interior decor and flooring. Black perfectly complements light walls and brickworks. Some of the shades available include clear anodized, graphite grey, jet black, anthracite grey etc.
  • Split finish: If you want your door to match both your interior decor and exteriors, you can use different colours for either sides of the door accordingly.
  • Wood-grain effect: Wood frames require more maintenance and the material could expand or warm depending on whether. Those who prefer the sturdiness and security offered by aluminium but want the wood-finish can get the aluminium frames painted in a way that resembles timber.
  • Powder coating: Electrostatically charged powder is used to bind dry paint with the metals to result in a realistic wood-effect on aluminium.

This impressive wall of glass panels is guaranteed to be a standout feature at home. Play with colours and create a stunning effect.

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