Smart Moves need Experienced Movers Now


Moving to a more distant destination increases the need for preparation and guidance for your move. It becomes essential to do business with real professionals in order to avoid inconvenience and unforeseen costs. The moving team will be able to offer you valuable advice and unparalleled service that will simplify your long-distance move.

The long road can increase certain risks of breakage during transport. The moving team of qualified and experienced movers will take meticulous care of your belongings and furniture to preserve their integrity. With the moving company, the packaging is done according to techniques that have been proven and will ensure that your belongings are in the same condition they were before the move. The long distance movers in Tennessee is there.

Your move includes:

  • Workforce
  • Full insurance
  • Wardrobe box
  • Mattress covers
  • Moving trucks
  • Padded protective covers
  • Floor covers
  • Trolleys

Financial assistance for a move

Last advice to prepare for your move, find out about the assistance that can be allocated. In fact, you may benefit from relocation assistance in your employment contract (check with your employer) or other assistance from social organizations (CAF, Regional Council) depending on your profession and your situation. 

In all cases and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the moving companies directly . They will be able to answer you with details on any questions that may come to you during the preparation of your move.

Trained in packing, transport and unpacking operations, the mover is not immune to an incident.

Declaration of value: a form to be completed carefully determining the compensation in the event of a claim.

End of move: check the condition of the furniture. In the event of damage, express your reservations on the end of work form. Be specific and explain your findings in the presence of the team leader.

Multi-tasking moving quote

From the transport of archives or office furniture, to the transport of heavy and cumbersome furniture, piano, precious and fragile goods, large plants, large household appliances, Gilbert Walon takes care of any type of mission, small or large. Do not hesitate to ask him about this for a moving quote at a studied price.

Make your complete move

Whether it is for a simple transport of furniture or whether it is a complete mission with disassembly, packaging, transport, unpacking and reassembly of furniture, the services are always budgeted in advance via the moving estimate, and planned so that the The operation is going smoothly and without surprises.

Vigilant movers

From the preparatory phase of your move to the post-operative period, the concern to ensure flawless protection, not only of your goods and your furniture, but also of the access roads and buildings, is omnipresent.

The trucks are fitted with interior slats to ensure reliable securing of the transported furniture. The elevator trays are lined with carpets. The loading surfaces are regularly cleaned, decontaminated and the floors waxed.

The mover and his training

The profession residential movers North Charleston SC requires physical strength, skill, organizational skills and a willingness to work in a team.

Assistant movers are trained by team leaders in packing / unpacking, dismantling / reassembly, loading / unloading, placing and loading elevators, handling of specialized tools, fragile or bulky objects, etc. forget about the customer relationship. Some receive training as a Driver License C.


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