Micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city


Living in a small apartment comes with plenty of benefits. The rent is cheap, they’re usually close to vibrant downtown areas, and they can be charming and cozy if you know how to decorate them. Our mission today is to help you create a space that you’ll love. So, let’s go through micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city together.

One thing that people often do wrong is focusing on functionality too much. Of course, it’s important that your place is functional, but you can’t forget about design either. If the apartment is short on space, it doesn’t have to be short on style as well.

The key is in finding the balance. You want to pick things that suit your needs but still fit your aesthetic preferences. Here are some tips and tricks that should help you get there.

Divide the areas of the apartment

If you only look at a couple of renovation ideas, you might believe that open concept living is a way to go when it comes to micro-apartments. However, if you follow that path, the chances are that you’ll be sorry you did it after some time. Things will start looking messy, and you won’t be able to do anything about it.

Therefore, take some time to define separate areas and give each of them a purpose. You don’t even have to do much to make it work. For example, a coat hanger and shoe racks will be enough to round off your entryway. Placing a table between your kitchen and living area will give you a place to eat and divide the space nicely. See where we’re going with this?

If you have a hobby, don’t be afraid to let it play a role in your redesign. If you like cycling, a nice bike rack can make your bicycle seem like a part of the room rather than out of place. You can also use plants to create ”rooms” in your apartment. Think about it and find your way to do it.

One of the best micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city is to divide your space. Alt-tag: A bed separated from the living room with a panel.

Dual-purpose furniture is your best friend

Micro-apartments are most common in big cities that everyone wants to move to. NYC is one of them, so we thought it would be a good idea to ask New Yorkers if they had any advice to share. Pretty much all of them mentioned dual-purpose furniture. And if you think about it, it’s not hard to figure out why.

When you’re living in a tight space, every square inch counts. Hence, if you can find some furniture that will serve more than one purpose, you’ll be golden.

A sofa that rolls out into a bed is always a good idea. And if you don’t want to sacrifice your queen-sized bed sleeping experience, why not go for a murphy bed? If you work from home, try to find a desk that can double as a workstation and a dining table.

Whatever type of multi-purpose furniture you decide to go for, make sure it’s fit for purpose. If you choose something too big, it will clutter your space regardless of how many things it can do.

Go up with your storage

If you’re looking for micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city, you’ll want to know about this one. For anyone moving into a small place for the first time, this will be a big problem. However, you’ll easily overcome it as soon as you start thinking vertically.

To save some of the floor space, go for narrow and tall shelves. If you can, make them go all the way to the ceiling. You can even use them to divide the space if you think it’ll work. Another great idea is the shelves that run alongside your ceiling line. They’re great for books and other knickknacks, and even if put on every wall, they won’t make the room feel cramped.

Need some more storage in the bathroom? Get yourself a few wicker trunks and place them around or put them on the walls. They’ll make your bathroom feel cozy, and they can hold a lot of towels, soaps, and cleaning supplies.

Use your walls for storage as much as possible. Alt-tag: Teacups on a shelf on the wall.

Add curves with your furniture and decor

Since they’re always budget variants, it’s not a surprise that most small apartments are box-shaped. It’s not a problem on its own, but you want to add some curves to make the space more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye.

Now, if you’re moving into an empty space, you can do a lot to fight the boxiness. But even if the flat is furnished, you can still make a difference with some nice and thought-out decor.

If you can bring your furniture in, a round table or a curvy sofa will go a long way with breaking the monotony. And be sure to follow it up with appropriate accessories. Buy a round mirror for your bathroom, and try to find some lamps that look out of the ordinary. If you’re handy with tools, you can even make a few pieces before moving.

Once you have it all sorted out, spend some time on bestmovers.nyc choosing your moving company. Oddly shaped furniture will bring new life to your apartment, but it can be tricky to transport. Thus, you want to find someone experienced enough to handle it.

Think about colors

Your choice of colors for the apartment can make all the difference. To do it properly, go for light and bright shades. Pay attention to your palette and make sure that the colors you pick work together and not against each other.

In essence, you want to focus on three colors. Two of them should be light, and they will set the tone. Then, pick one darker shade as a contrast. It will ensure that the walls still look interesting once you’re done painting them.

On the other hand, you might love bold colors and can’t imagine your life without them. In that case, you can get your fix by choosing the perfect color for your furniture. Just be careful not to push it too far, as too many colors in a tight space can be overwhelming.

Take your time when choosing the colors for your new apartment. Alt-tag: Woman thinking about micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city.


Living in a small space isn’t for everyone. Still, if you want to move to a place like NYC is, it’ll probably be the only choice you have. So, embrace the micro-apartment ideas for living large in a big city and make it fun. The more time you spend remodeling your new place, the better it will end up looking.

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