Nature In Your Home: 5 Ways To Style Your Balcony Decking In Singapore


It’s almost cliché to say it, but Mother Nature really is impressive, from the azure blue oceans, the smell of the woods, the feel of the sand on your toes, to the ambience of sunny tropics. One good place to add nature to your home is your backyard.

Apart from using wood decking in Singapore, there are other ways to tap nature-inspired colours and dramatic textures into your own backyard.


If you want to elevate your balcony decking in Singapore into a desert feel, incorporate shades of terracotta, dusty green, and white. You can also add a pop of colours, such as hot pink, orange, or neon yellow.


Nothing is more soothing than the colours of the sea! To get this vibe, consider adding blue waters, whites, stormy greys, and sandy nudes to your balcony decking in Singapore.


Whether timber or vinyl flooring in Singapore, creating a vibrant ambience is another way to spice up your deck. You may consider adding touches to your backyard and highlighting colours related to the tropics, such as glossy green, sangria red, sunset orange, and ombre patterns.


Traditional, without fussiness. To style a country feel on your balcony decking in Singapore, consider using a palette of grey stone, sky white, soft pink, sage green, and floral patterns.


Black sand meets white seas! If you want Iceland-inspired on your wood decking in Singapore, you must incorporate dark earth tones. Use crisp blacks, metallic whites, greys, and matte stone patterns.

Styling your wood decking in Singapore is easy. You can throw in some cushions, add a lounge chair, place some drought-tolerant plants, and the like. But if you’re game for some nature-inspired design, you might want to consider this list.

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