Patio Cover Advantages for Increasing Security


If you reside in someplace with lovely weather for the most of the year, a deck or patio can be a terrific addition to your home. You may not be aware that Butte Fence offers a variety of patio covers in Boise, ID; they might be a beneficial addition to a home security strategy.

Pick from a variety of options that go with the architecture of your house and the nearby activities. When choosing one for your house, be sure to consider the cover’s practicality as well as its aesthetic appeal. This will allow guests to your house to see it just as it appears on the cover. If you want to know what sort of cover is ideal for your house, speak with the designer and do some research.

Using the list of prospective covers provided on this page as a starting point, you should do your own study. You have the option of making the changes permanent or not.


Awnings are a typical addition to patios and decks. Since the product was initially introduced, both the design and the building materials have undergone substantial changes. Keep in mind that the earliest awnings are documented in the Roman Empire.

Egypt and Syria were the first civilizations to adopt awnings and other structures that produced shade. Since several civilizations have existed, these buildings have been in use. The earliest awnings were built atop buildings to shield them from the sun’s beams. The cloth was used to create the items. The first awning that could be rolled up while not in use was probably constructed under the Roman Empire. The velarium was a retractable canopy used in the Roman Colosseum to maintain a comfortable temperature in the arena.

The awning is now in a right-facing orientation. Whatever touches the awning just glides off. Awnings remain popular, maybe because they are ideal for so many various applications. Awnings may be fixedly or retractable attached to a building. The retractable mechanism allows you to choose between options that are powered and those that are not.

Retractable deck coverings could be the best solution if a deck is only utilized for a few months of the year. Awnings may be rolled up in the winter for a variety of purposes, such as snow and ice protection. Tornadoes and other severe weather may be averted by rolling them back. They are very effective in blocking out the sun and may be adjusted to the wearer’s specific requirements.

Using Canopies Effectively

Awnings and canopies have certain similarities, but not all of them. There are also fixed and retractable options. Canopies are often the least expensive materials to use when building a patio or deck in comparison to other possibilities. Another benefit is the speed with which the cover may be built.

A canopy is a terrific solution for providing shade to visitors on your deck, whether you’re holding a big party or just want to keep your kids and pets happy during the hot summer months. Due to its malleability, which is comparable to that of awnings, you may choose the style that best matches the architecture of your house.

The Awnings of The Sun

Solar screens are used to block out a lot of sunshine, as their name indicates. However, they do make it more difficult to see through the inside but do not block the view from the outside. In contrast to the other kinds of coverings mentioned on this page, the screen is meant to be hung vertically and functions as a protective screen rather than a covering. These movable panels with excellent insulation value might be quite helpful for houses with southern exposures.

Protective Measures

However, it is your duty as the property owner to maintain the condition of your patio and deck at all times. On your deck or patio, would you want a close friend or a member of your family to be hurt? When relaxing on your deck or patio, keep in mind these vital safety considerations at all times.

Verify your deck’s timber to check if any of it is rotting. If you keep your deck in good condition, it might last a very long time. Wood, on the other hand, deteriorates with time. When checking the wood of the deck for rot, having a spade, shovel, or pitchfork on hand is useful. The wood has to be mended if a shovel or pitchfork can puncture it entirely.

Verify the stairway’s rails and stairs for stability. Avoid utilizing railings and stairs that need maintenance. Check to determine whether the railing is still entirely connected by pushing it. Make sure the steps are still level and look for any indications that the deck is drooping away from them.

Pruning is a necessary part of tree and plant maintenance. To make more room on your deck, prune or remove any overgrown plants or trees.

Keep a safe distance between your house and the grilling area. Never put a fire pit or barbecue in close proximity to your house. The beginning of a BBQ fire is always unpredictable. It’s not a good idea to place a fire pit or barbeque too close to your house, despite how comfortable you may believe it is. There could be a few coals still burning.

Eliminate any traces of mold and algae from the area. In the US, summertime temperatures and humidity levels may be unpleasant depending on where you reside. Conditions that promote reproduction, such siding and decks with plenty of shade, are ideal for the potentially harmful allergens to grow. Make sure the mold and algae remover you choose is safe for the environment, you, and your pets.

Look for patio pavers that are improperly laid, uneven, or misaligned. Concrete patios and asphalt pathways are more susceptible to breaking during a harsh winter. Verify that the patio pavers are level and unharmed.

Plan where you want each piece of furniture to go in the room. Don’t place furniture too close to the pool’s deck railings or other safety equipment. Preschoolers are very brilliant and have a fervent desire to learn about everything. If a youngster is allowed to stand on this piece of furniture, they will definitely fall off, either into the water or over the side of a balcony.

The doors must be secured with locks. If you have small children, it is particularly crucial to keep the gate to your covered patio or deck locked at all times. You should protect your patio or deck if it is far from the front entrance.

A patio heater should always be used with caution. Patio heaters are being utilized more often nowadays. If you wish to use it outdoors on your patio, put it on a solid, level surface. The propane would not function as planned if the temperature dropped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to the BBQ, it should be maintained outside the home.


The possibilities that have been described so far are but the tip of the iceberg in terms of the broad variety of patio and deck covers, both permanent and temporary, that are now offered. Once you’ve done your homework and determined that this is the best course of action, look at your other long-term options. For more information about these long-term prospects, click here.

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