Smartest Details for the Perfect Interior Designs


How do you turn your new living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms into warm and attractive spaces? An interior consists of colors, materials, layout, lighting, furniture and more. So many choices! How does everything fit together perfectly? How do you create that ‘WOW’ effect in your home?


Transform a bare space into a beautiful home? National, industrial, 80’s, sleek or modern, our interior designers are at home in all markets. We can combine your wishes and our expertise and process them into beautiful 3D drawings. Together we visualize the overall picture of your new interior. In addition, through our many years of experience we can help and advice in choosing colors, materials and furniture, interior advice, color advice, layout advice. We can even advise on the renovation and open up our wide network of professionals to you. A complete interior advice, from A to Z is there with the different types of interior design styles.

Are you curious about what this advice & design will look like?

“Really listen to the customer”

The most important aspect of our work is customer satisfaction, we want to find out what your living wishes are and how you want to see that reflected in your interior. That is why we pay a lot of attention to your personal wishes. We think it is important to get a clear picture of your vision, after all, it will be your home. So you don’t just receive a design, you can see it as an extensive collaboration between you and the interior designer. In the first phase of the design we will ask you many questions about different styles, materials and colors. Only when we know for sure that we have a good image can we get started. Interior advice and interior design are personal. During the creation of the interior design we will contact you several times to consult. We guarantee a positive result with this method and clear communication.

Total picture

Are you at the start of a renovation, relocation or do you want to redesign your current home? Join one of our interior designers to shape your future interior dream. Personal advice and interior design in 3D. Choose a complete interior advice package. Read more about our interior advice packages here.

Interior decorator

Have you been to an interior architect or interior designer, but the result is disappointing? Unfortunately we hear it more often. Architectural firms usually elaborate on architectural calculations, but the advice about layout or colors is poor. A true interior designer goes for a personal approach. You are welcome to join us in designing your dream interior, even when it comes to designing the living room, for example.

Interior advice at home

Would you like to receive personal 1 on 1 interior advice at the location that matters? at your place. That is possible, we offer a number of options for a separate home consultation. It is also possible to make a complete design and discuss that at your home. Real personal interior advice. Do you want to know more about that? Then view all the information about interior design advice at home.

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