The Criteria to Follow While Checking Kids’ Mattresses


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It may be very exciting and overwhelming task to find the right mattress for your children. Sound sleep is necessary for kids to keep themselves fresh and active; otherwise, they will remain exasperated all day and find it tough to pay attention on studies or behave in a well-mannered way. It is the reason, parents should provide the best kids mattress so the children can enjoy a sound sleep every night. Before paying the amount, use the home center promo code uae to enjoy the best deals. It is why parents should provide the best kids mattress so the children can enjoy a sound sleep every night.

Points to Consider while Selecting a Kid’s Mattress


Try to buy an innerspring mattress as these are more durable than foam mattress. Coils in these mattresses are prepared with steel, so these can handle the pressure easily. While confirming a mattress, check the number of coils. It must be above 150 in numbers as the maximum number of coils certifies the durability.

Waterproof & Washable Kids’ Mattress

It is good to find a waterproof mattress as you know better how mischievous the kids can be. They can split milk, water or even pee, so purchase a waterproof material or even a cover that stops the liquid to absorb in the mattress. Kids are more sensitive and prone to diseases, therefore think about a washable mattress to avoid the chances of getting dust mites.

Environment Friendly Mattress

Parents love their children and have the utmost desire to keep them safe whether they are playing, studying or sleeping. There are some mattresses that carry chemicals that are detrimental for kids, like Phthalates, VOCs, Flame Retardants or Polyurethane. If you do not have an idea of green mattress, Visit the Home Center and search for the certified CertiPUR-US mattresses. You are eligible to use home center promo code uae for great discount on your shopping. Always remember, mattress have a bizarre smell, known as Off-gassing. It causes headache and sometimes vomits as well. Before adjusting it in the kids’ room, keep in an open area and let the smell to eliminate.

Addition of a Topper

Kids grow and gain weight rapidly. A mattress that was appropriate a year ago can become unfit to manage their current weight. Instead of buying a new mattress, you can opt for a topper with gel pervaded memory foam.

Safety of Kids

As your toddlers are a bit grown-up, you have shifted them from cribs to proper beds. Remember, they do not have any rail support now. Try to focus on the mattress with bounce feature. If a mattress offers excessive bounce, the little ones may bounce off and get injured.


It is obvious that a dense matter is essential for profound sleep. The density can be tested through the firmness. If it is hard to press then the item will last for years. Definitely, buying online means you cannot check the mattress with your hands. In such a case, check the Indentation Load Deflection or ILD to understand the level of firmness. Soft mattresses have above 25 ILD, whereas above 31 ILD is perfect for firm mattresses. If the ILD range is 25 to 31 then the material has medium firmness. Consider all the points while making a decision and capture the awesome deals on kids’ mattresses by utilizing the home center promo code uae.

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