The Faster, More Affordable Path to a Great-Looking Bathroom


One of the fastest, most affordable, and easiest ways to make your tub/shower area look new again is to install a bathtub enclosure. This eliminates the need to install new tile piece-by-piece, thereby eliminating much of the labor and expense that would otherwise be involved.

Tub surrounds offer more than easy installation. Those made from acrylic resist yellowing and can be kept clean just by wiping them with mild soap and rinsing with water on a regular basis. There are also a variety of customization options, including shelves, wall-mounted seats, and other accessories.

Bathtub enclosures, or “surrounds,” of this sort are also great for new bathroom installations. They are often used in hotels and apartment buildings because they keep the per-unit cost down while maintaining the great looks that guests and tenants expect. Their construction also makes it unlikely that leaks will occur and cause damage to the underlying walls.

A Quick Overview of Installation

In either case, installation starts with plain drywall. If the enclosure is replacing old tiles, the tiles need to be removed first. It is usually easier to just tear out the old wall and replace it with a new one. Then, the new enclosure panels can be properly attached to the blank wall.

Unlike individual tiles, tub enclosure panels are large enough for one panel to cover each surface. However, they are made to look as if they use tiles, so it’s hard to tell that they don’t actually use the traditional construction method. In many cases, this is important for meeting the aesthetic desires of the end-users.

Is a Contractor Needed to Install a Tub Surround?

Installing a tub enclosure can be done by some homeowners or building owners, but many prefer to hire a contractor instead. While it is easier and faster than installing individual wall tiles, the project still requires a certain amount of physical strength and dexterity. Removing the old tiles or surround can also be laborious. Therefore, it is common – but not required – for a contractor to be called in to do the job.

Some makers of bathtub enclosures cater to DIY installers by providing video instructions as well as printed manuals. This makes it much easier for first timersto get the job done right. These companies truly want every customer to succeed with their products, whether or not the customers are working with bathroom remodeling contractors.

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