Refrigeration Woes: Three Common Problems That Atlanta Residents Face With Their Sub Zero Refrigerators


Summers in Atlanta tend to be incredibly humid. And without proper refrigeration, that can translate to spoiled food and beverages. Yet, cranking the settings on your refrigerator to combat the heat can also cause several issues.

Take the Sub Zero brand as an example. Modern, convenient and packed with utility features, these units typically run well in terms of functionality. However, specific leakages due to maxed-out settings can bring everything down instantly.

In these cases, opting for repair services for your Sub-Zero refrigerator in Atlanta, GA, will be the best way to deal with such problems. But you also need to know when to call in the professionals.

So, here’s what you need to look for:

  1. A clogged vacuum condenser coil

Usually, the vacuum condenser light turning on isn’t a significant concern. Most often, it just means that the unit is functioning at its full capacity and has had just about enough for the time being.

So, check the condenser coil to ensure that it’s clean. If grime or dirt is clogging it, it may be causing the refrigerator to work overtime to keep the internal temperatures cool. A simple wipe should fix this problem.

If that doesn’t work, the issue is related to your evaporator coil. Most probably, there is a leakage in the mechanism, which leads to the gases escaping.

It’s vital that you call in a technician immediately in such instances to remediate the issue. Delaying professional services will only make the problem worse.

  1. Water leakage

The most common cause of water leakage in Sub-Zero refrigerators is a clogged defrosting drain. Removing the ice and flushing the tray with warm water to clear any residual debris is the simplest way to fix this.

In other instances, a damaged tank or a defective water inlet could be the contributing factor. There’s also the matter of the filter housing unit, which leads to severe leakage problems with even the slightest external cracks.

Besides the mentioned elements, a faulty ice maker can also cause an overflow. However, fixing it won’t be a solution here. In such scenarios, the mechanism itself will require a replacement.

To help determine the actual cause of the problem, it’s best to contact repair agencies that can fix a Sub-Zero refrigerator in Atlanta, GA.

  1. Condenser or compressor failure

Sub Zero refrigeration units have two dedicated cooling compressors as opposed to a single one in other conventional variants. While this leads to better stability, it can also cause several issues.

For example, a failure in the condenser’s fan motor can lead to a lack of internal cooling. The same goes for the evaporator’s fan motor. Together, these two problems will directly translate to a faulty relay.

Now, it won’t be easy for you to determine the underlying issue without having some expertise in the area. Still, you can look for any signs, such as a low humming sound or dim and flickering internal lights.

If they tend to happen frequently, it means you need to call in an expert.

Professional services to guide the way

Regardless of how advanced household appliances get, specific issues will always require expert remediation. And while the listed problems are the most common ones in Sub Zero units, there can be other malfunctions that escape your notice.

So, if you think your refrigerator isn’t working as it did before, call in professional help. After all, buying a new one is much more expensive than fixing the current issue.

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