Understanding Different Pool Shapes 



A pool is a great addition to your back yard. They can be fun, lively places to entertain your guests and create lasting family memories. Different pools have the ability to give your environment a different aspect. Here are some of the top pool shapes that you should be on the lookout for, and some finer details you probably did not even think of. Find a reputable pool builder who is familiar with all of these.

1. Lazy L Shape Pool

The L shape of this pool is like the way that your home is divided into rooms. You can make one side an area for proper swimming and orderly play, and the other can be a party central. This pool’s versatility will make it fit into any lifestyle.

2. Grecian Style Pool

This style of pool is typically an oblong shape, made from a shining white material that is accented in Grecian blue to complete the picture. These are very relaxing pools, perfect for sunbathing or doing a leisurely few laps. This pool will make the perfect backdrop for a Grecian themed party.

3. Figure 8 Shape Pool

The way figure 8 shaped pools are designed is to allow the water to continuously circulate. The constant flow of water is believed to be good for your muscles and joints. This is a very sleek, sophisticated looking pool that also has a lot of health benefits.

4. Rectangular Shape Pool

When you install a pool that is rectangular, you get all control over the final shape and size. By shortening two ends of a rectangular pool, they can fit into any available space. Rectangular pools can be good if you have limited space or want to also include other areas in your backyard.

5. Round or Oval Shape Pool

Much like a rectangular shape pool design, an oval shape can be custom designed to fit into just about any space. A perfect circle, however, needs to use a lot more area. There is more area for other furnishings, but circle shape pools need a lot of space to accommodate them.

6. Kidney Shape Pool

If you cannot decide whether you want a pool design with straight edges or with gently curved ones, try out a kidney shape pool. It has the long straight edge, perfect for entertaining or learning to swim, then a sloping curved end that gives it a chic appearance.

Having a pool means that you get a place to relax and let the feeling of being in nature overtake you. With one of these popular shapes of pool, you will not only get your own little oasis, but you will also get the perfect place in which to entertain your guests. A new pool design from Xterior Creations Pools & Spas can help make our dreams a reality. 


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