Why You Need You Need To Clean Your Curtains


The Importance of Cleaning your Curtains

Curtains are an indispensable part of your house’s interior decoration. They offer an added canvas for style while likewise providing a layered impact to your home windows. Therefore, they can commonly be a prime focus for interior decoration within a space. Additionally, they offer the functional benefits of blocking out excessive sunlight and giving your home privacy for everyone to enjoy.

Attracting Dust & Dirt

Nonetheless, due to their volume and positioning, they are a major focal point for accumulation of dirt and dust. Being a fabric that has a large surface area and being placed at a side of the room, plenty of dust from both internal and external environments tend to land on it. Your curtains will then begin to look shabby when dirt adheres to them.

Deeply Penetrated Dirt

Depending on your curtain’s fabric, you will likely locate a large quantity of dust or dirt on it upon examination if you have not carried out regular cleaning. In fact, even if you do dust off your curtain at from time to time, the dirt might have penetrated into the base strains. This means that though they are not noticeable, the dust and dirt will swirl about your area everytime the curtain is open or closed.

The Growth of Mould

Furthermore, in darker and more moist environments, it is not uncommon to find mould or mildew developing on curtains that have been left hanging without care for a very long time. This is because mould requires both a lack of sunlight and moisture in order to grow. The trouble is magnified for individuals with allergic reactions.

Cleaning Your Curtains

Curtains can be cleaned in an array of methods depending on their fabric and their present state. Specific methods require you to dismantle the curtains and have them submitted for cleaning or dry cleaning. On the other hand, other methods can be executed while the curtains continue to be hanging from your wall. This includes vacuuming, dusting and steaming.

Your Curtains’ Materials Matter

Various curtain materials need different cleaning approaches. Failure to adhere to recommended methods could result in considerable damages to your curtain. If unsure, you can fall back on the upkeep cleaning directions that were supplied when you purchased your curtains.

Conversely, if you have lost the directions and are unable to find any maintenance tag, then consider sending them to a professional curtain cleaning Singapore company. You might ask for an identification of the material and acquire cleaning guidelines for the future.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the amount of work that is required for your set of curtains. For more luxurious curtains such as velvet, they can be very heavy when extracting and transporting. As such, the preferred method would be to treat them while they remain hug.

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