What Are The Best Cordless Power Tool Brands


Here we will examine some of the best power tool brands and provide an assessment on what we like about them. Some of the brands will be very well known to you such as Black & Decker and Craftsman.

Some of these companies sell their tools to the home market primarily and others aim their cordless power tools at the professionals. Some will do a mixture of both. If you are a serious DIY person then the professional tools will suit you better. If you invest more, then the tools that you receive will be of higher quality. They will be more powerful and last longer.


DeWaltDeWalt is a well known brand that has been building high quality power tools for several decades. It builds power tools in the USA, and offers a very wide variety of cordless power tools. Their combination kits are really good value and all of the tools in it are powerful and robust.

Although the DeWalt brand is synonymous with the construction trade, a lot of DIY enthusiasts buy their tools now, because they know that the quality is very high and that the tools will tackle virtually any job – including woodworking! The company is always looking for new innovations, and they always build tools with ergonomics in mind so that they can be used for longer.

It is really difficult to fault DeWalt cordless power tools. They have moved to a fairly new 20 volt range which has proved extremely popular with construction workers and DIY people alike. Their DeWalt tool set is incredibly popular for a good reason!

DeWalt 20v Combo Tool Set Review


Milwaukee LogoMilwaukee is another cordless power tool company that is a preferred choice with professional construction workers. There tools are gaining traction in the DIY market as well. All Milwaukee cordless power tools are backed by a 5 year warranty which shows their belief in the quality of the tools that they make.

Like DeWalt, Milwaukee offers some good combination power tool kits. These include a power drill, circular saw, impact driver, reciprocating saw and a powerful work light. The tools work really well and have good battery run-time. They are durable and have premium motors to power them.

The company invests a lot into research and development and have some of the best motor technology on the market. Their tagline is “Always Heavy Duty” and their cordless power tools are testament to this.


Bosch Tools LogoBosch has been around for a long time and they are noted for the quality of their tools. They are very popular in the construction industry and also with DIY enthusiasts. They have a good product selection of 12 volt and 18 volt cordless power tools.

Combination cordless power tool kits are available from Bosch, and they are built to withstand the abuse that they will inevitably receive on a busy job site. Their kit includes a 4 Ah battery pack which provides really good runtime.

The four piece combo kit includes a hammer drill, circular saw, a reciprocating saw and a work light. There is no impact driver. The tools are very well made, but they are often more expensive than DeWalt and Milwaukee.


Makita LogoMakita is a giant in the construction industry and their tools are used by a lot of professionals. They are used in the home market too, but are not as popular as DeWalt and Milwaukee. They are a very innovative company and are continuously releasing new power tools.

Their combination kits offer value and usually include a power drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, an impact driver and a work light. The battery packs from Makita are quick charge and efficient.

There is no doubt that Makita tools are very durable and well made. They may be too much for the DIY person in terms of power and price. If you have a specific need such as a drill with very high torque then Makita will probably have the answer for you.

Black & Decker

Black and Decker LogoBlack & Decker is one of the most well known brands in the world. They have been providing power tools for many years. This is a brand that is very much aimed at the home market.

Black & Decker produce a number of cordless power tools but they do not have the power of some of the other brands. They are priced accordingly and their combination cordless power kits provide good value if you are just doing odd jobs around the home.

The Black & Decker combo kit will include a cordless power drill, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw and a handy work light. They are certainly cheaper than the similar offerings by DeWalt and Milwaukee, but they will not have the same power and efficiency.

Craftsman Tools LogoCraftsman

Craftsman is another one of those leading brands which is very well known in the United States. Like Black & Decker they are targeting the home DIY worker and their cordless power tools will be fine for a lot of jobs in the home.

They have adequate power for most people. If you are really serious about DIY projects and want to tackle some of the larger tasks, then you would be better off by going with DeWalt or Milwaukee.

The company has launched a 19.2 volt cordless power tool range and are offering a combo tool set for a discounted price. The set includes a circular saw, a power drill a reciprocating saw and a work light. This set is good value for money for the occasional home DIY individual.


Ryobi Tools LogoRyobi is well known for its cordless power drill range. They are owned by the same company as Milwaukee and Craftsman. The Ryobi range of cordless power tools is firmly aimed at the home DIY market.

You can by a Ryobi drill in many different sizes, voltages and weights. There is also a choice of lithium ion or nickel cadmium batteries. You only need one battery to power all of the different cordless tools.

Like the other brands, they have a value for money combo kit on offer. This is an 18 volt solution which includes a power drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and a light to work with. They are not the most powerful and efficient of tools, but will tackle a wide range of jobs.

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