How To Survey Your Home For Damages Following A Storm


After a storm has blown through Michiana residents are eager to go home to assess the extent of the damage. Some homes will usually get by with very little storm damage and can easily clean up without professional help. Sadly, for the majority, the services of a professional storm damage restoration Michiana based company is needed.

How and when should you call for expert storm damage restoration services? These are a few basic steps all Michiana homeowners should follow to successfully survey their home after a storm has passed:

Personal Safety Is A Priority

Long before surveying the damage on your home caused the storm it is always recommended to check the surroundings first. If the power is still out, check for any compromised power lines, if there are lines that were affected by storm DO NOT touch them. Even if the lines look inactive, only a professional should handle them.

If the home strongly smells of gas, switch off the gas valve, open all doors and windows to let the air out. Wait outside until an inspector has given the all-clear.

Call Your Insurance Provider

Take pictures of the damage and then call your insurance provider. An agent will help you in processing the claim and assessing the extent of the damage. Pictures taken can be used as proof in case you are unsatisfied with the offer given by the insurance company.

Do A Quick Walk Around The Property

Check on the state of the room, gutters, downspouts, and all the exterior parts of your home and property. This will give you a better idea of how much damage you can expect on the inside. If there are signs of a broken roof, do not attempt to check the state of the roof yourself, this is a job for the professionals.

Check the Appliances

A flood and a power surge can cause major electrical damage to indoor appliances. Check for any signs of damage before using any of the major appliances at home. If you are unsure, call an electrician for professional assistance to avoid accidents and injuries.

Inspect The Attic And Basement

The attic and the basement are two of the most vulnerable parts of the home during a storm. The attic may have sustained physical and water damage due to the harsh rain and wind. Meanwhile, the basement could still be flooded, especially if there was an excessive amount of rainfall. Check all these areas and other parts of the house that are prone to water damage to fully grasp the amount of repairs required.

Contact The Pros

Once you have inspected your home and done a quick survey of the damage it is time to call the storm damage restoration Michiana based experts. Their professional assessment can also help with the processing of the insurance claims as they have the credibility to pinpoint the severity of the damage caused by the storm.

Don’t delay, work with professional storm restoration companies as soon as possible to get your home in tip-top shape at once.

Do not fall for storm damage restoration Michiana scams and only tap the services of trusted companies such as ABCO Restoration. We’re available 24×7 for you so contact us today!


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