Kiddie Room Checklist: 5 Must-Have Kids Furniture Pieces In Singapore  


Planning a home will always be one of the most complicated tasks a person can encounter, albeit you and your partner have been looking forward to this all your life. From buying the pieces of furniture to add to your space, placing where you got your shoe rack in Singapore, deciding which colour you want to paint your walls with, to making plans for your future children. Kids are little in size and often have tinier rooms in a home. Although they require smaller spaces, children typically come with several belongings and requirements in a room.

What makes a perfect kiddie room? One to keep in mind when designing their room is safety. When choosing children furniture items in Singapore, ensuring that it is safe for the little ones is critical. Apart from safety, it is essential to have a nook for cloth storage, a spot for playing, a place for taking afternoon naps, a zone for reading, and anything else in between. Some parents even go the extra mile to make it more adorable—thus, adding some colourful cutouts, plastic slides, and seating arrangements, such as tiny tables and chairs, printed paintings, and the classic rocking horse. With a few clever tricks and the right furniture, you can create the perfect kid-friendly, extremely functional, with a bit of playroom bedroom design for your little ones.

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a new bundle of joy or simply looking for pegs for creating a sleeping space for your future kiddo, here are some kids furniture in Singaporeworth considering in their room.


Starting with the fundamental children furniture to get in Singapore is a comfortable, cosy bed that fits perfectly with their height and the existing space. The most integral feature of any bedroom is the bed, whether for adults or kiddos.

As a parent, it only makes sense to want to spoil your little one no matter how expensive and choose the best of the bunch. Also, requests from your kid may tempt you to go as far as possible, such as purchasing a bed with a slide, tent bed, castle bed, or race car bed in their room.

However, if you want something that will last, choose a sturdy frame that will stay with them for years, even as they grow older. If more than one child uses the same bedroom, you might reconsider opting for bunk beds or trundle beds. This bed type can also come in handy if your child has friends who come over often.


When going to a children furniture shop in Singapore, you should look for a bed with rounded corners, antibacterial laminates, and high safety panels. These attributes can help ensure you and your child get a good night’s sleep without worrying.





As much as you can imagine, kids grow out of their clothing quickly, which means they will tend to accumulate numerous clothes. In addition, parents and close relatives often buy them new outfits that wind and pile up all over your home. Even with a closet, it is still best to have additional dressers or wardrobes to help you organise your clothing pieces. So, one of the children furniture pieces in Singaporeyou need to purchase is some sets of cabinets or closets for their clothes. Having their clothes clean and well-organised will help them find what they’re looking for effortlessly.


Children will want to pick out their own outfits as they get older. Ensure to add a mirror when buying kids furniture in Singapore to encourage them to dress themselves and help them build confidence in your children.


Younger children need plenty of floor space to play or run around. A play table is one of the children furniture pieces in Singaporeyou may want to reconsider. It can be a welcome addition to the space. If there is insufficient space, adding cubby holesis one good way to display their toys. Using cubby holescan encourage and teach them how to keep their toys well-organised in their room. If you often find stuffed toys, cardboard, dolls, plastic cars, puzzles and other tiny pieces under your feet, cubby holes, chests, toy boxes, shelves, and totes are some options worth considering for storing toys.




The ultimate kiddie room should have the perfect spot for reading and studying. Consider getting a study table, as this is a must-have for growing children, whether they are already in school or planning to enrol soon. This one children furniture in Singaporecan serve as a task-oriented space that your little one can use to read books, do their homework, have a study session with their tutor, or prepare for exams.

When picking a table, choose an ergonomically designed one. This type works appropriately, with the right height, is made of easy-care material, and usually comes with storage drawers or cubby holes. As early as they are, consider providing them with a designated area to work in to help them master their attention and focus.


Use cubby holesto display their collection of books. Having a place for their books exhibited can fuel their desire to read more and more.


Although your child may seem uninterested in dressing up, you should know that they’ll get there soon. While they are still young, invest in a vanity unit. This children furniture inSingaporeis a must-have for encouraging them to dress up, look stylish, be confident, and empower themselves. Consider choosing a basic, minimal vanity unit with a mirror and a chest of drawers. The drawers beneath the mirror can serve as a way to save space and remove clutter from the surface of the vanity area. The mirror can add extra lighting, making their bedroom look spacious and much airier.


With these absolute kids’ furniture in Singapore in place, you can give your little one the best, perfect, and ultimate room. They can have the best slumber, hang out or group study sessions, bond with you, and anything else in between. With this list, you can crank the style dial and step up their room makeover by investing in these furniture pieces and playing around with soft furnishings, décor accents, and creative artwork to accentuate the room.

At Edupod, you can score the essential yet functional children furniture pieces in Singapore for their bedroom. Kids can accumulate so much stuff and need all kinds of items to keep their rooms looking well-organised, so be sure to head to their website to shop today!


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