Points to be noted while installing a garage door



  1. Manufacturer 

At best, visit the company in person to purchase your Premium garage door parts. First of all, check out different websites and the options they have to offer, along with other features like price and reputation of the said company. The longer they’ve been around, the more professional they will be. You need skilled craftsmen, quality material and servicing. Inquire from family, friends and acquaintances and find out what they have to say as well. 

  1. The Cost 

The price of the gate can depend on many factors. It can be based on the nature and quality of the material, its features, the style of door and other services that include installation and perhaps, periodic refurbishment. Do the needful research and decide on a few good brands so you can zero in on one in the end. 

  1. Features 

Aluminium doors are strong and solid. Barn doors are of high quality and offer very good insulation. They are technologically advanced and look amazing. Doors that are not made out of wood can be made in such a way that it resembles wood. Carriage house doors are more traditional. 

  1. Material

There’s a host of material that goes into making a garage door. Wood is classy and easy to cut up and adjust but there they are very hard to maintain due to parasites like termites and natural decay of wood due to climate. Steel on the other hand is sturdy and cheap, requiring zero maintenance. Fiberglass is semi transparent, lightweight and doesn’t yield to the conditions outside. However, they are a no go in colder locations as they are poor insulators and tend to break easily.

The different types of garage openers

  1. Chain drive openers 

A chain drive opener operates through a metal chain which drives the trolley. This is the most widely used garage opener as it’s cost effective but there is a single drawback which is noise. It is best used in situations where the door is detached from the rest of the house so as to not inconvenience family members.

  1. Belt drive 

Here, instead of chains, rubber belt is used to slide the trolley. Due to the material used, it is doesn’t produce any sound 

  1. Screw drive 

A threaded steel rod is used to move the trolley.

  1. Direct drive 

This is uncomplicated as the motor itself is responsible for moving the trolley. 

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