Wall Décor That would Upgrade your Living Room Blank Space


If you have a blank space in your home and do not know what to do with it. Then with the decorating ideas, you would be able to make it look more lively and enchanting. A fresh coat of paint could incredibly take a room far. You would come across so many options.

However, with DIY wall decorating ideas for your living room, you would be making it an inexpensive option as well. Turn your wall into a statement space. And make sure that it serves some purpose. With ideas for farmhouses, apartments, homes, here are some noteworthy ones.

Rope Star Mirror:

Going for the same old mirror could get monotonous you have them in your bedroom, bathroom and your closet even. Therefore why not try something unique which would add a statement for your home. With these DIY ideas, you could take a simple circular mirror and then you could weave ropes around it to make an intricate design. It would add or give a simple mirror its shiny and wall-worthy moment as well.

Half-Painted Art:

This is another art form that you could go for. In this, you could add some paintings which have been done in half. And not the typical half painting scenario. The half portion would be blank with a solid colour while you could mix and match and create hues to turn something dull into a colour block moment. Such decorating ideas could be used on furniture as well, as it would be something totally out of the box.

Inspiration Board:

If you like reading inspirational quotes and blogs on the web and from books, then you could incorporate it in your blank space in the living room as well. Take an old board, could be from a worn-out crib or any shop, give it a fresh coat of paint and fill it with prints of your inspirational quotes. It would be your vision board spreading good vibes.

Lantern Covered Wall:

Nail rows of lanterns on the wall and see the enchanting effect that it creates. You could add wax candles to add some glow and warmth to space, or you could make it cosy with the help of twinkle ligh

Thus these are some intrinsic designs that you could go for. Surely it would create a magical effect in your living room and personify your taste as well.

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