What are the damages of water leaks


The damage of water leaks is many and multiple, as it threatens the house or building in general and works to erode the walls and floors inside and outside in a big way. Therefore, immediate action must be taken as soon as there are any effects of water leaks until the size of the dangers decreases and that problem is finally eliminated, and to know in detail you can Follow us up in the next few lines to discuss the reasons for the emergence of the problem of water leakage and its damage to the home and methods of treatment.

What are the damages of water leaks

Water leaks affect the concrete structure of the facility or building in general as the water begins to accumulate inside the walls and floors for long periods, which makes it erode the cement layer and of course it affects the columns of the house made of iron, where it begins to weaken and collapse in the long run and thus the house is demolished due to The impact of the waterproofing was ignored.

And not only this, but in the event that the water leakage damage does not reach that stage, it only affects the beauty of the house, whether from inside or outside, leading to the appearance of black spots on the walls and increases the percentage of moisture in the house, along with an increase in the bill to collect water in an exaggerated manner, but also because of peeling The layer of paints from the inside continuously, which requires immediate action upon observation, in order to reduce the size of the damage as much as possible.

Reasons for the emergence of a problem of water leaks

And after we got to know the damages of the water leaks, we can list the main reasons leading to that problem, and we find that the presence of holes in the water delivery pipes is the most important factor, either due to severe roads on the walls or because of the corrosion of the iron material made of pipes, where the weather factors affect that layer and cause The emergence of holes in various places in the pipes, which leads to the emergence of the problem of leakage from various sides, so that it is difficult to determine with precision.

And not only that, but when using poorly made water pipes and not resorting to plumbing specialists to maintain or treat water leaks that appear initially such as leaking behind the toilet or leaking from the tank pipe or leaking from basin taps, which increases the size of the problem as it The person treated them in ways and thought that they had stopped the leakage, but on the contrary, they had increased, so he would eventually be surprised by the aggravation of the problem.

Detection methods for water leakage damage

There are several different ways through which the presence of water leaks can be detected, as this may appear clearly on the walls, ceilings and floors through direct leakage, or some dark spots appear on the walls from outside the home, especially when installing the water connection network inside the concrete structure in the house, making it difficult to determine The location of the spill, but it is inferred from those spots with high humidity.

Of course, the rise in the electricity bill is the first factor in observing methods of detecting water leaks to treat the problem of water leakage, as you can close the water valve in the kitchen at the beginning, then the toilet, then the tank and the house completely, in order to discover exactly the cause and location of the leak accurately.

In the event that it is difficult to know, some experts and specialists in that field are called in. Major companies specializing in home maintenance and water leak detection are located with precision through modern and advanced devices that work with remote sensing as they measure the intensity of vibrations or water pressure and know the causes of water leakage from The ceiling is about opening the taps and when they are closed, so the location of the leaks is precisely defined instead of crushing the walls completely or changing the water network in general.

Causes of water leaks

  • The reason behind the occurrence of water leaks is due to the use of many poor raw materials, whether in the pipes to extend the water inside the building or the pipes for drainage, and with the passage of time and exposure to difficult weather conditions, they get damaged and rust, which causes the leak to occur significantly.
  • Failure to carry out periodic checks on pipes, cocks, and taps for buildings and homes causes more and more problems, and an inability to control them quickly.
  • Bad weather factors and intensity of heat directly cause the occurrence of water leaks, as tanks and pipes are exposed to heat intensity, causing damage and leakage, and the consequent damage to the building’s basic structure.
  • Sometimes leakage occurs due to the intense water flow inside the pipes, which leads to the explosion of valves or pipes and leaks inside the walls and walls.

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