Know how to save time while painting the house


Painting is excellent and can help to create a great impact around the house. Although painting is going to take hours, if you have inexpensive supplies around the house, you can eventually bring about a huge transformation around the house.

Honestly, painting may seem fun, but then it consumes a lot of time. The painting also has certain elements that can help to bring about a difference. But getting advice from experts can help you paint fast and in an inexpensive way.

Expert designers at Lipari Interior Design are pros who can help you with painting tips and techniques, which can help to bring the actual difference. If you think painting consumes a lot of time, you may prefer learning from the experts. Some of the prominent tips that can help you get through the tiring process of painting include the following.

  • Prepare the walls for a redo

Wall-preparation has to be the key to saving time. The lack of wall preparation is one of the main reasons why one cannot get the perfect paint. Moreover, not preparing the wall can cause a number of problems such as poor hiding, lack of shine, uneven appearance, and more.

Experts suggest that before painting the wall, you should allow it to dry and peel it. Removing patches can help to create a significant impact around the house.

  • Get wider rollers

In some cases, you may need to paint bigger walls. However, in such cases, you may prefer getting wider rollers. The wider rollers can help you save time. Most people prefer getting a nine-inch roller to paint large surface areas. Experts suggest that getting double the size of paint rollers can help you get the work done in half the time.

  • Get a knitted roller

If you want to make your walls look aesthetically pleasing, you might as well prefer getting a knitted roller. Selecting rollers have always been tough, but you can never go wrong with a knitted roller. With knitted roller cover, you can get better coverage. With proper cover, you can release more paint into the rollers. This is most important if you are going to paint dark colors.

  • Don’t overload the brush

If you are going to paint, you need to avoid overloading the brush. Therefore it is necessary that you dip the brush properly. Not overloading the brush can reduce a lot of risks, thereby helping to enhance the appeal.

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