When and How to Sow the Lawn


In principle, you can sow the lawn all year round, as the cold cannot damage the seeds. However, the ideal times for creating a lawn are in March / April and August / September. The soil is loose and porous during these times, and the soil temperatures do not usually fall below ten degrees Celsius. The seeds need at least ten degrees Celsius to germinate.

When sowing, make sure that you plant the seeds very evenly. Preferably 20 to 25 grams of seeds per square meter. If you are rigorous, then a pharmacist or letter scale and a garden grid made of cords will help you. Line your garden in one square meter square and weigh the seed portions for the number of squares. Then distribute the seeds, remove the cord grid, and rake or roll under the seeds. With this somewhat more complicated method, the seeds germinate at the same time and grow evenly. Even areas make mowing easier.

It can take three weeks for the seeds to germinate. This can be the case, especially with more expensive seed mixtures, because they take a little longer to germinate. In the first time after sowing, you should water regularly because small lawn grasses, in particular, are prone to drought, and growth can stall. There is also a risk of lawn weeds. They are either already present in the ground or fly to and establish themselves.

However, once a thick sward has formed, they pose less of a threat. This is the case when your lawn is four inches high. You can now mow the lawn for the first time. Trim it to five centimeters and distribute slow-release fertilizer. The grasses now begin to spread in all directions and form a dense, stable turf. However, you should not load the lawn properly until two months after sowing.

Sow Ornamental Lawn

The ornamental lawn has the advantage that it is a quick starter. The lawn grasses germinate within two to three weeks, grow quickly, and are mowed for the first time when they are about four inches long. After about six weeks, the new lawn is entirely dense, stable, and can be used. In the case that you don’t know how to go about it, landscapers like earthdevelopmentinc.com amongst others can guide you on how to go about it

Laying Turf

If you have a small garden or want to lay the lawn mat on particular areas, turf saves a lot of time and effort – but the price is significantly higher than for a seed mixture. With the roll, a lawn is created overnight. A 40-centimeter-wide roll, which you can get in the garden center or from special dealers, is sufficient for the home garden. The lawn is delivered ready-made as a roll. Before laying it out, the soil must be prepared in the same way as for sowing. But it should be particularly thoroughly freed of stones and roots, leveled and smoothed. The lawn is fully resilient after four weeks.

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